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Well i plan on starting to stretch my ears. I can't go any bigger than a 10g or maybe an 8g and yes i know that is TINY! I probably wont keep tunnels in i will probably just have the thicker barbells in.  I think the circular barbells look good. But then again i might put some small tunnels in.  I will go bigger later on like through the years.  So i have some questions, I can get pincher/tunnel packs for 12$ so my ears are at a 14g or a looser 16g. Can i use the pincher to go up to a 10g?  My ears are stretchy and I'm going to use lube and a hot shower to loosen them up.  So as long as I'm not going to like a 6g or anything should i be o.k. using pinchers right?

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Well, i personally LOVED stretching my ears.

Never stretch with acrylic, it pretty much plastic. It cannot be auto-claved. Its pourus and could actually adhere to your ear, also because it's pourus it can harbor bacteria and cause infection, not to mention ear funk.

never NEVER ever skip sizes, even if you think it'll be okay go up only one size at a time. You dont want to fuck up your ears. Scar tissue sucks like a bitch to get rid of and can mak stretching harder in the long run. If your at a 14g go to a 12g then a 10g then ect..

For the sizes you are at you'll probably need to wait 1 month in between stretches, at 6g and bgger 2 months is recommended. Clean your ears by mixing one tablespoon of Non-iodized Sea Salt into one cup of warm water and soak your ears. You can pour some on a plate and lean your head into it or use a cup. For Lube you can use Vitamin E oil or Jajoba oil or if you are desperat even Olive Oil works. After your ears are healed message your ears with an oil maybe 2 times a week, 5 minuter per ear.

Please dont rush your ears, its not a race, and hey you want pretty ears right?
Thanks. I'm going to go ahead and start. I have a 12g and a 10g circular barbell and steel tapers. I put a 14g horseshoe in and it went in like a normal earring. So i am just gonna go to a 12.
Okay, but just remeber to be smart. Here are some sites that have goo information.
yes acrylic does make your ears smell, i had mine up to a 2 and only wore acrylic, because i have little ears and metal just felt too heavy in them,and i took them out and let them shrink just because they smelled.
Well io went to a 12 today!
Nice! congrats, i warn you, it addicting.

I just stretched my septum to 8g!
yer man stretching is very addictive i remember saying i was gonna stop at 8mm iam currently at 26mm now hmm =p but its amazing have stretched ears
I stretched my ears from 5mm to 14mm using plugs and lube.

I took them out last August and they're pretty much completely closed now (maybe 2 or 3mm).
I had mine to 7/16th and took em out maybe 9 months ago, im getting reconsttructive earlobe surgery.
well i have my labret streched, my conch dermal punched and 32 mm tunnels with 8mm sidies [next to em] i plan on going to 40's and 14's
i agree it's addictive and i dont think i will ever take mine out there my babys i love evrey single one of my peircings [especially my dermal anchors]
never had a problem with streching as long as it's like 2mm or 4mm at a time you will be fins, i work in a tattooist as an aprentice piercer and i was told to turn down streches bigger than 4mm at a time, after all we can't charge anymore, also silicone, my briother in-law had a 20 in and completely messed up his lobe, i used a silicone and didnt like it at all, wood doesnt bother my ear, although it will bother some peoples ears, due to allergies ect...
get straight strechers i recomend, and if your using barbells the will weigh down about 1 or 2 mm all depends on the weights, i liked my barbell in my conch and my 2.8 industrial bar, although i shouldnt strech industrials it looked imense, i got 2 banaanna bars in my industrals but i'm thinking about putting my big barbell back in as my daughter calls it :)
just be sensible and careful, set targets and try not too go over them and yeh dont get addicted to them or you will find youself getting covered in piercings, and tatts :) it's never a bad thing if you love body mods but it's personal choice really... good luck bud speak soon lad :)
4mm at a time is a huge jump! even 2 mm at a times a big jump. You would most deff tear your ear at a 4mm jump.

Stretching with silicone or wood is a big no no to. Weights arent also real good either, they put constant pressure on the ears and can lead to thinning of the earlobe/piercing. Tapers/expanders/stretchers shouldnt really be used to stretch either, originally they are used to make the insertion of jewelry easier after a fresh piercing. Time is the best way to stretch, time time and more time. Keep your plugs in, pull on them{not hard! dont hurt yourself) play with them until you can fit the next size up. Stretching is not a race!

I just got a dermal anchor on the 18th for my birthday! i love it! i hope my body doesnt hate it!
Im currently stretching my ears, got one at 3mm and one just started at 1.6. Stopping at 5mm, with tunnels that i already have, but who knows, will probably end up carrying on


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