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So I'm going on holiday and hopefully it'll be very hot and sunny.  Unfortunately this is the first time I'm going to have been somewhere this sunny since I started doing my sides super short and being ginger and pale I burn VERY easily.  Anyone else been in this situation?  I don't want to get a burnt head!

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Might be obvious, but sunscreen the shit out of your head! You don't get burned on your scalp as bad as your face for some reason, but burnt none the less!

Remember to re-apply sunscreen every couple hours - it's best to stay in the shade though.  Once you get burnt the damage is done, it'll show in time and nothing worse than feeling that constant sun-burnt feeling on holiday.  Perhaps let your side hair grow for the holiday and don't trim it until you get home?  It'll give some protection, but still, never tango with the sun for too long!


Also don't forget to wear sunglasses.  But enjoy the holiday whereever you're off to!  Take some pics, eh? =D

You should use sunscreen on your hair in general. Your hair can get sun damaged even when you can't see your scalp. The biggest area to pay attention to is the part line. But I like using a spray on sun screen for my hair, it is kind of like hairspray except a little greasy, way better than a liquid tho.

I think you should look into that zinc oxide stuff that you see lifeguards wear on their nose.  No idea if it is okay on hair, but if you are bald there then that should be fine and you could get some awesome color combination's that way.

Fuck sunscreen use sunBLOCK. Sunscreen still lets the sun in, sunblock blocks everything completely. I use 100spf sunblock everywhere if I know i'm going to be outside for awhile. Head/face/chest especially. I havent had a sun burn since about junior year in highschool..


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