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The most amusing converstation I've ever had on Facebook

This shit is hilarious.
Between Arielle Hayes and You

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 19 at 1:14pm

So you're the cunt with the low IQ! I believe it...
Enjoy your sloppy seconds bitch!!

Arielle Hayes

January 19 at 5:43pm

haha who the fuck are you
wow fag if you looking for some entertainment cause u have no life shut the fuck up and dont start with me
and wtf are you talking about sloppy secounds,
you dont no what the hell your talking about
fuck off

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 19 at 5:48pm

your stupidity should be entertainment enough.
don't start with you? Psh, girl, you don't know who the fuck you're talking
to. Don't start saying shit unless you're ready to back it up.

Arielle Hayes

January 19 at 5:54pm

ohhhhhhhhh hahahah nicee diss retard im sooo offended! haha yeahhh right your a joke.
ha your the one who started talkin to me first and i didnt say shit so i
dont have anything to back up aahahah u do not make any sense and your
just trying to diss me but its not working so i suggest you shut up

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 19 at 5:59pm

i'm a joke really? i could break your skinny white ass.
and you're the dumb ass who was bitching at my friend.
and you silly muffin head, are the one who makes no sense, and cannot even type a sentence that is coherent or makes any sense.
Dumb ass. Being stupid doesn't get you the guys, it makes you get used!
And don't bother suggesting that I shutup you dumbfuck. What makes you think i would bother wasting my time listening to you?
and as for you, Shut your fucking mouth when you talk to me.

Arielle Hayes

January 19 at 6:09pm

yes you are a joke. and thanks for calling me skinny =]
yeah exactly i was bitching out your friend not you so you go ahead and stay out of because its over anyways
silly muffin head??? wtf? hahaha?
alright suree dike.
haha this just proves your trying way to hard to diss me and piss me off and
its not working, because when the fuck did we ever even start talking
about guys... and i dont need advice from someone who doesnt even get
and i dont let myself get used and im not stupid so thanks for being concerned but no need

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 19 at 8:35pm

Anytime, and when I come there and kick your fucking ass you'll wish you weren't such a skinny fucktard.
You were bitching AT my friend, she was the one doing the bitching out, hahaha. Good try, i read the messages though.
Yeah, muffin head. I said it.
I believe we started talking about guys in the last message. Sheeze, keep up.
Yes, you do get used... You just don't know it. When guys ask you to keep
your mouth shut when they're fucking you too, that's not a good sign!

Arielle Hayes

January 19 at 10:05pm

haha yeahh right haha okayy come here i dare you
haha okayy coool you and your friend are both fucked up physco bitches
haha wtf is a muffin head? u sound mentally challenged when you say that
omfg nevermind! haha whatever!
hahaha im pretty positive i dont get used hahaha good try thoo dumbass =]

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 20 at 3:21pm

If i had the money, i would crackho. I hope your house fuckin floods from all the fuckin rain ya'll are gettin out there bitch. And you
actually thing you can take me? Can you take a curb slam bitch? Cause
that's my favorite shit to doll out.
and yeah i am PSYCHO..idiot, can't even spell!... , and muffinhead,
seriously? your head's the airy muffin my fist is quite capable of
You better stay positive, and on your knees bitch. Cause that's how you came to be.

Arielle Hayes

January 20 at 6:24pm

crackho? soo fucking weird hahhahaha wtf
nice hair btw haha u look like a ugly fag
haha actually im not getting any rain so sorry for the disappointment
haha noo sorry im i dont fist fight and im not manly like you
haha big deal spelled psycho wrong... ever heard of dyslexia =] hahha fucker
haha muffinhead? serously? haha did you just make that up... i can tell
.........okayy? hahaha <33

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 25 at 7:09pm

Damn right I am bitchfuck!!
I know it! It's fucking schweeet, and you are jealous.
Oh you don't fist fight, eh? That's a shame because kicking your ass would
be a piece of fucking pie, and this will only make it SO easy it should
be illegal!

I've heard of dumbass=] Haha, and you take it to a whole another level.

Yeah muffinhead, I did.

Arielle Hayes

January 25 at 7:26pm

k =] love you too babe

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 27 at 12:39am

Who doesn't.

Arielle Hayes

January 27 at 4:24pm

i dont no
hah who wouldnt
haah thats what i hate about people like you
you all think your soo cool because of how you act and how you do your hair
and you think your being different but your really not theres sooo many
other people that do are wannabe emos like you and ur loserr friend
you no you just retard with a mohawk it doesnt even look good so whats the point.
and i understand teasing hair alittle but wow cj is really going overboard it looks like she has a nest on her head hahaha
so whatever just go and stop i dont wanna see your pic poping up anymore its hurting my eyes
just go like dye your hair pink or like cutt yourself or go to hot topic or something
just go kill yourself it will make both me and you
haha u can have more pain that u crave on
and i wont be annoyed

Ezekiel PoopMustache

January 28 at 4:14pm

aHAH! you're telling me I'm trying to conform?
name one chick you know with a mohawk.
a wannabe emo? do you even know what emo is you dumbfuck? sheesh. seriously?
Ever heard of the PUNK subculture you media wasted fuck?
And life isn't all about glamor and looking good. That's exactly what's
wrong with this country. "OH a pimple?" "ohmigod, i have a blemish, i'm
going to die!" "oh, mommy buy me braces so the boys will like me."
Pfft. you're pathetic.
And at least she does what she wants, and can actually pull it off.
Hot topic? seriously? I DIY you cross-eyed cunt.
cut myself? sorry, i don't consider myself a waste of space. God, you're
really caught up in the fashioncore stereotype huh? ah, you probably
don't even know what that means.
and actually, i crave taco bell right now. mmm..
and if you're just so annoyed, why do you keep replying.
ah, your stupidity is so entertaining.

Arielle Hayes

January 28 at 7:56pm

actually theres like 3 people in my school with a mohawk i dont no there names cause i dont no them i just no them because its kinda
obvious to see someone with a huge thing on there head soo its hard to
yeah punk is a wannabe u dress emo cause u think its cool but u dont do the whole cutting thing haha exactly.... wannabe
hahaha actually im not like that..i dont freak out because of one pimple and i
dont really like braces at all sooo yeahhh..ahha and so if u dont even
think it looks good and its not all about looking good wats the point
of it... if u really didnt care how u looked u would just go natural
haha noo she can not pull it off at all you two are like those fags at
school who think there soo b.a and cool but there really not and
everyone makes fun of them haha
haha ur the one whos like inlove with hot topic
haa ur the one who is proving all stereotypes to be true and u r a waste of space
bahhahahah fatty
im replying because bitching out people that i dont like is funn and entertaining
haa im glade i amuse u

Ezekiel PoopMustache

February 22 at 7:30pm

this is simply put pathetic. You keep saying the same fucken thing over and over again. You are so fucking stupid i just can't believe it. You
didn't understand a thing i just said.
and yes I am a fatty. I'm a fat ass stuck in a skinny girl's body.

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The fuck just happened.
I think I just lost the game.
Did she die?
my friend got me into an argument with this chick, and ugh. she really riled me.
It's a facebook message convo. What the fuck more did you expect?
i hope that girl got run over
lmfao. what a dumbcunt.
what a fuckin dumb bitch ^_^ hahahaha
hahaha, gee. if you pay me a ticket i'll go and kick her ass for ya.
so many haha's


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