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I cant tell you how many times I've been walking through the supermarket or the mall, and had some young kid, usually single digit years old, make some comment about me to their parent(s). Sometimes their words are typical, but sometimes they are pretty damn funny, but either way, they always say it pretty loudly :p

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Just last night some little kids started yelling and pointing, I don't know what they were yelling, but they knocked down a stack of styrofoam coolers and blamed it on me!
That's pretty unusual for me. Can't say I've ever had an experience like that before.
They weren't yelling anything mean, just little kid gibberish
I love how long it takes kids to spit out their words to their parents while they are staring at you as you walk by. " what's....what's what's on his head?" by the time they finish their question you're so far away you practically can't hear them anymore haha.
brother sister duo in walmart just today. . . boy says to his sister in an awed whisper 'she looks like a rockstar!' to which of course I turned, winked, and said 'I AM a rockstar.' and moved along. ^.^
with me its usually them asking if they can touch it :P i have a 1yr old nephew and hes terrified of me when i have my hair spiked up. every time he sees me he starts crying

yep, my niece reacts the same way. She's almost... I think 6 now and she's still nervous when she sees me while my hair's up. I think Christmas a few months ago, she was actually shaking out of fear. Granted after about an hour or less of being around me and seeing I wasn't such a monster after all, she opened right up to me and i could talk to her and make her laugh and everything.


I got in the back seat of my parents car one time years ago when she was like 2 or 3 and she was RIGHT next to me in a carseat and she just started crying and it feels so awkward when that happens. You just kinda think to yourself, "uuh... shit, this sucks... yeeeaaaah i feel kinda awkward now."

yeah my nephew doesnt mind me when i have a hat on or have my hair down. and will laugh at anything. soon as the hawk goes up though hes not happy :P
Well they usually just stare at me but today some little kid got out of hand and called me a "faggit".I came in his face and said "what you just called me?" and he was like "oh nothing",and I said oh ok...I just tried to scare em but if he was bigger I know I wouldve difinetly punched him in the face or cracked his head with a bottle...
I think the kid was like 11 years old or something im like wow even little kids are homophobes around here...Im pretty sure ill bump into him him like 10 years from now..Ill be walking down the street in a skirt or sumtn minding my own business and he'll say faggit and i might just beat him to death with my bare hands..But thas if I still have no life.I hope to get rich someday..I need some real big money hahaha


 All I got was "DUURRR, HEY MOHAWK DOOD!". I don't think I got as much flak as that time my eyebrows and part of my hair became singed due to a.... 'splosion... I looked like a cennobite by the time I cleaned myself up, that's when the jaw dropping gazes really started..

+1 for explosives.


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