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I cant tell you how many times I've been walking through the supermarket or the mall, and had some young kid, usually single digit years old, make some comment about me to their parent(s). Sometimes their words are typical, but sometimes they are pretty damn funny, but either way, they always say it pretty loudly :p

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i work at walmart and so everyday i have little kids staring at me. i can't wear my hawk up but even with it down it's stare after stare, it's pretty amusing. It’s funny though, ive noticed little girls stare differently than little boys. The funniest thing I think that ever happened to me though is, I was crouched down folding some clothes and this boy, I dunno how old he was but he sure wasn’t a toddler, slowly sidles up beside me takes a quick peek then walks back to his parents and all I hear is “She’s a BOY!” I couldn’t stop laughing.

lol, I've had a kid do that to me. He walked up to his big brother and whispered something to him, and the big brother was like "I bet you ten bucks she's a girl." The little boy blushed so bad and ran away. It was pretty cute.
Dude I love it when they're like WOOOOOOOW!!!!! Really loudly. It's so cute. The first time I hung out with you a little boy was like "Mommy, he looks like a FISH!" It was so freaking cute!
Yeah I always get reactions out of the little ones, they say "look at his hair mommy! can i have my hair like that tooo!!" and their mom either shhs them and keeps walking, or gives me an evil glare haha. Ive had a few old timers come up to me and they said they liked my hair, and they miss how it used to be popular in the 80s. And Ive had grown adults tell me about their mohawks long ago lol. Then of course everybody gets the emo fags calling you a fag because they are jealous of your hair ;)


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