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Ever had a moment where you just caught someone by surprise with an action or by what you said?


Those glorious moment when you just leave people speechless.


Share abit.


I got one.


So there's this horror punk show (Blitzkit). and me and my friends are driving over to the venue and I have my Zune plugged into the AUX so it's playing a playlist I had made weeks before of random Punk/Horror Punk and of the such. Then it ends and goes to my next playlist so the few moments of silence is interrupted by ...


"Everyday day I'm Hustlin'-Hustl-Hustlin'-Hustl-Hustlin'-Hustlin'


"Everyday I'm, Everyday I'm, Everyday Im Hustlin'


The car erupted with laughs for some reason this was one of the funniest thing in the world to my friends so funny they let the song loop all the way till we reach the venue and as we pull up we blast Rick Ross-Everday I'm Hustlin'. The folks outside seemed entertained and a tad confused. 4 punks in a toyota camry listening to rap music was just foreign to them.


Anyways laughs were had i thought it was funny. share some stories.  

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haha when the rest of my family found out i had piercings
I put my hawk up and go to a country bar. 'nough said. lol.
makes me think of the scene from SLC Punk where they go to wyoming for beer.

its about four min in on this clip if you haven't seen the movie.
Great fucking movie dude. I got my copy.


 ... At work, I got into this guys face, I told him to the effect 'I'm here to work, not put on a show for you, I don't appreciate a bunch of ding-dongs standing around in my way'


 Mind you, I was really agitated at this point.. his response, " I've been a dishwasher for eleven years..." .......huh?!? did you want pity or something? -facepalm-


 One guy I knew had this girlfriend who was basically really shy and ususally did not talk much... Girlfriend in question one day makes a good quip, everybody got quiet and was trying to figure out who said it..


 All I can think of at the moment..


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