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this child is now being sent to prison or juvy as we call it here because he did the world a great favour fucking disgusting poor kid all he did was a kill a nazi scum 

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i do think he should gone about it differently...such as calling the police. yeah i know cops aren't all good, but there are some that will help.
I know what you mean, and that you don't mean it(kinda). I'm just happy to see there are actually people in here that have a stand against racism. I think about 90% here are fucking hippies. You try go hug a nazi and see what (s)he does to you :)
i have nothing against the nazis if they dont pick a fight with me, but if i see somebody who needs help, i will offer them my hand
If I were in the same situation with someone abusing me, I would not care if they were fucking Ghandi!!! I would have shot them anyways. Yes, there are other ways to go about it, but if you are a minor, it is hard to get justice. Definately when you can't just leave the house and forget about it. The law is FUCKED UP in soo many ways the story even mentions that BOTH parnts beat him and his father still got custody! That's BULLSHIT!!! They should have given him to another relative or even to a foster parent. Honestly, I think the boy should have gotten a less harsh charge since technically it's self defense and he's only 10!!


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