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That's all it is now, your "punk" if you have a mohawk or wear a bondage belt. It's bullshit, and I hope you all realize that. Not saying that I don't wear stereotypical "punk" shit sometimes but I will never go out of my way and spend my own money to buy clothes so I can be accepted further into this bullshit top layer culture. Punks not dead, theres just a giant crust that has formed ontop of it, it's filled with dumbass little kids who grew up in the suburbs and somehow stumbled onto punk rock via guitar hero or mypsace. Fuck that, don't let this turn completely into a culture, because it's more than that, it can take form of may things including fashionm but thats a small part of it.

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very true but that doesn't mean that dressing like other punks is bad. punk is a group of people brought together by similar tastes in music and a similar mindset, so people who are brought together in a group of people are bound to have similar tastes. I am growing up in suburbs unfortunately, but where you live doesn't usually change your mindset or your taste in music, and me and my friends found out about punk by listening to music which led us to stumbling upon punk by chance, not by guitar hero or myspace, dont assume everybody who lives in suburbs is a poser or dumb asses.
Well put. *agreement*
I agree


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