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I wanna hear the reactions from other people here on MR and I want to know why you think the way you do. We will not hate, but just comment on posts that you agree/disagree with.

(This contains the video and the story from The Associated Press, the most un-biased website story I could find. My local news team didn't even have it on their site.)

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Ok, maybe it doesn't contain the video. Sorry!
I'd rather read : Transgender Person Beats Up a McDondalds
lol. Is it a link?

 I saw the original article/video (where the detail about this person being transexual was left out) discussed on another forum. Four pages of people expressing their distaste until sombody posts a link disclosing the victem being a transexual, the postings stopped altogether..


 lol  "nevermind, it was only some freak"


 Unless this... person was trying to rape them in the restroom, there is no good reason to be thrashing anybody around like that.

I would have beat the fuck out of the girls who were attacking the transwoman and scream my fucking head off at the dipshit employees working there. 

seriously, fuck them. Just reading this makes my blood boil. 


Male, Female, Transgender, Hermaphrodite, whatever... We're all people, and no one deserves that kind of treatment just because of their sex or gender identity. 


How is that any different than beating someone up because of their race? sexual orientation? etc.

There isn't a difference, you're just as much of a piece of shit as the rest of those bigoted scumbags. 


I'm sad that nothing was really done to stop it while it was happening, but i do applaud the community for rallying outside of the McShithouse. 

I really hope this news spreads, people need to understand that violent discrimination happens to the transcommunity more than we think it does. People need to realize that this is a serious issue and needs to be resolved/stopped. 

the world makes me physically ill sometimes, I swear.
friend of mine used his mad computer skills to find the people who did this and gave the info to the police there. That was a fun day. . . and the police were like Thanks. . . but why do you care? You're in Mass. . .' and he was like, I was bored and this pissed me off. So yeah. Fuck those bitches.
if this site had a like button for your comment, I'd press it multiple times.
I regreted watching the video.
Honestly, that shit is hard to watch. I SERIOUSLY seggest you don't watch it.
I was all like "I'm a hardass. I can take this."
Well I took it, and it just made me mad. And there are no sexist/homophobic/racist/fascist/etc... people in my neighborhood.
But hey, if you're in the mood to stomp some boneheads or whatever, this will sure get you in the mood.
damn shame,,,she should have pulled out some pepper spray blind em,whip out a blade and cut their ass,hey it would have been in self defense
No person should have to go through this whatever their sexual identity, race, etc happen to be. Unprovoked hatred should not be accepted no matter what the details are.
What really upsets me is the employees that just stand there and record it with the only time they really take action is telling the girls to leave because the cops are coming instead of detaining them until the police arrive. The only person that really made an effort to help was the old woman, she shouldn't have been the only person with a heart trying to do something.


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