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I've read many post in which people say they use different types of hairspray but I haven't heard anyone say they use/used school glue. I know I can't be the only one. Out of all the people I know/knew and the friends I've had, I was the only one that used school glue to hawk and spike up my hair. Soooo out of curiosity does any one use glue or have used glue in their hair?

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I used to use school glue. Now the only time I use it is if my hawk is really short. I find hairspray easier to work with for long length

This. Back when I had a tiny pubic brillo pad on my head it worked fine, but with how tall it is now, I can't afford using a whole $1 bottle of glue to do my hair once vs. $5 can of got2b that lasts 1-2 months.

Some people it might work better than me, but hairspray is meant for hair

really? damn.

Dosent school glue fuck up your hair? Like dry it out and stuff. Have you ever had any problems with it?

I've been thinking of trying to use it to fan my hawk(currently about 5.5-6 inches). For some reason hairspray just refuses to fan for me.


So What: Try using a combination (equal parts) of hairspray and glue and rub that through your hair and then blow dry on high/super heat for a couple of minutes and that should hold it. If that doesn't work, let me know, I've got a couple more tricks you can try. Doesn't it drive you fucking mad when you can't get your mohawk to stand up straight? I hate the damn gaps...

Thanks I'll try that.

What happens is:

Gaps for one, and I cant comb the two parts together because it's already dried.

Tips split, and kind of curl to the sides and no matter how much I use it still does it.

Another thing is the individual locs of hair get hard and it dosnt all flow smooth, if you can picture what I mean.

I cant use less spray or it will flop over,

I cant not dry it all the way or it will flop over.

It's become a real pain in the ass. I've had a hawk on and off for almost four years. I used to be able to do a nice fan but havent really done it in about 2-3 years. It's like I lost it. 

I kept it kinda short for a while(hair gel length) and shaved it off out of frustration a few times when it got longer.

This current hawk I've had for about 8 months and I only liberty spike it which I can do fine, I just dont like as much as fanning. I've been thinking of shaving it off again(out of frustration) but I havent because it's the longest it's been in years and I really like it longer. Im determined to get it right this time.  


Another thing Ive been thinking of doing is straightening before putting it up because my hair has gotten kinda wavy/curlyish the longer it gets. Ive never done it before and I dont want to go out and buy a flat iron and either fry my hair after all this bullshit or get to pissed one day and shave it off again. It'd be like a waste

In my experience, ironing makes it harder because your hair is thinned. I get my hair perfect everytime, without gaps (like in the pic), in around 10 minutes doing this:


1] Using a comb to hold hair up, spray Rave (theres a spray called Rave, just to make sure something doesn't get lost in translation here) on one side (lets say the right).

2] Move onto next section with comb, spray on same side as in [1] (the right)

make sure to put the sections where the hair wants to be, not where you want it to be. By this point there should be a gap about 3 inches wide between sections [1] and [2]

3] Since you sprayed the Rave on the same side in the first 2 steps, graze your hair with the comb and the non sprayed side (don't stab it through, that'll just make lots of little gaps) into the gap from both sides, and spray (on the left, this time).

Repeat down head.

4] When you get your hair how you like it, (still use a comb to hold your hair in place so the dryer doesnt blow it around) go over it with got2b freeze spray.

The reason this works is because Rave is more watered-down then got2b, so when you spray it, it's only good enough to coat one side, leaving the other soft enough for a comb. It also adds thickness (why, I can't explain) so the hair at the top of your hawk isn't transparent. 

Actually, he's right. Better than I would have told you. Looks like Steve knows his stuff :P
Which part? And thanks!

I never thought of using both rave and got2be. I'll have to try that. Thank for all the tips/advice everyone!

rave is amazing, out here you can find it at a dollar store for a large can, and it goes quite a ways.
Wow thank you for this! I've given up on the fan because like you mentioned, Got2b freeze spray makes the other side (the side you didn't spray) too hard to comb through. I also didn't really think of the method of putting it up like you described. Sure I love liberty spikes, probably more than the fan, but the fan looks so much bigger than when you do spikes... it would be nice to have the option to do it again just to switch things up a little from the same old lib spikes. I'm so eager to try this now! Off to buy some Rave!


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