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I've read many post in which people say they use different types of hairspray but I haven't heard anyone say they use/used school glue. I know I can't be the only one. Out of all the people I know/knew and the friends I've had, I was the only one that used school glue to hawk and spike up my hair. Soooo out of curiosity does any one use glue or have used glue in their hair?

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Let us know how that works out! I'm curious to see if the rave+got2b works for anybody else
Never had a problem with damage from glue for me. For gaps I use Bobby pins and pin the gaps together at the bottom and top (of the gap) so theres no more gaps, spray and blow dry well, and leave them in for a half hour until your hair fully sets. Then take them out and they are gone :) for fraying ends I I put my hand behind my tips on one side and spray really good at a close distance then sandwich the hair to make sure it all gets stuck together don't give up on your hawk! You just need to practice putting it up more.

When I first got it, like 4 years ago, It was about 8-10 inches and I could fan really good. I used a spray that the company has since discountinued so I've been trying to find something else to do it with, like got2be. I can get a good small fan using gel, when it's about 3 inches, like it was for a while

Like I said, I can do liberty spikes just fine but I like the way the fan looks a lot better. Im not gonna give up on it this time. It hasnt been this long in a long time and the longer it gets the more I like it. 

Your right, I am just really really out of practice.

"I used a spray that the company has since discountinued"
do you remember the name of the company or spray name?

I think it was from beadhead, but it was like summer of '07 until Feb '08 when I used it. I got perfect fans with it until I had to shave my hawk because some kid at school thought it would be funny to come up behind me with a beard trimmer, like on that movie Jackass.

I got it back the next summer and I couldn't find it in stores, but was able to get a few cans online, then I went for it again and it wasn't even online.  After that I had the hawk off and on and kept it aroud 3 inches so I could get a gel fan. Whenever it got too long for gel, I would try different sprays and get frustrated just shave it off again.

This current hawk I've had since early July and it's gotten to about 6 inches and I cant use gel anymore. Like I said, I can always get it to liberty spike perfectly but fanning is always a bitch.

I havent tried any other bedhead sprays because I don't want to pay $20 and still not be able to do it.

was it a spray or a glue?
Based upon my extensive research (10 minutes on google) my top researchers have discovered this and this
I use bed head hard head hairspray ^.^ I love it. Get one of the ittybitty travel cans and try it out?
It did dry out my hair but thats because after I washed it I'd blow dry it, straighten it,  tease it, then use glue and hairspray.  From my experience it was easier for my hair to defy gravity when it was dried out. what kind of hairspray do you use? I'm sure its just your technique on fanning your hair that seems to be failing. Once you find a good way  you'll be able to put it up with just hairspray.
haha yeah when i first had my hawk i used to do it with cheap pva glue from poundland lol
I use the got2b glue but I have heard of people using Elmer's Glue and the like on hair before. I've also heard of the age old method about using egg whites and food coloring, which is just gross in my opinion. Hairspray is meant to keep in in place and hard, and the glue makes it (literally) waterproof, especially on liberty spikes. I have never tried Elmer's Glue (school glue) before, I would imagine it would be a bitch to wash out.


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