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I was just wondering if when you lost your virginity was it all you expected ? was it with the right person ? I'll start , I was 21 she was 22 , it was all over before I knew what I was doing , it was on my honey moon , I'll never forget it but I think she would like to lol

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Dude it sucked. But whatevs, loosing your virginity is over rated anyways.

I disagree, I lost mine to a randomer last week & it was just like I hoped

Last Saturday at download festival. fucking awesome.

I'm 17, she's 18 & pretty experienced, I was on speed so we went for aages in some abandoned tent then watched Avenged Sevenfold who I am so fucking crazy about so it's absolutely the best day of my life so far! anytime it got boring the rest of the weekend we hooked up & the last night didn't sleep at all. She lives 4 hours away so I aint seeing her again but that's totally cool.


Before I was pretty mopey about it so it was definitely the right thing to do! as far as the whole regret issue goes, I live by two lines (and I really mean this!)

1) Never regret anything because at one point it was exactly what you wanted

However you gotta consider:

2) It's the things in life you don't do that you regret.

Yeah it's pretentious and doesn't actually tell you whether or not to do something but it's helpful to bear in mind :)

congratz for having your virginity taken.

was 14 and she was 14 as well.

i popped a load off so fast, took a second. then went back for seconds lol. 

regret it? nope. 

wish i would of recorded it haha 

i have learned so much about what i like since then


i am 21 now btw. maaany years ago

haahah riiight thats what they all say -_-

I still have mine, unfortunately the only girl I like lives 3 and half hours away, we talk every day and she's basically said that if we weren't so far apart, then she'd go out with me... *sighs*<3

three and a half hours away , are you nuts , hell I have a girl 4 hours away and I see her every weekend , if she is the right girl then you would walk to see her I would , make the effort you won'r regret it , live a little :)

That's cool Nicole.....nothing wrong with that. Tells me you have your shit together, which is an awesome thing nowadays! :-)

13 he was 19 and my boyfriend for almost a year. My mother let him live with us so I suppose it was only a matter of time. I think he was absolutely the wrong guy. He was totally gorgeous and would sing and play guitar for me. I don't regret being with him just wish I woulda saved myself for someone special and not just someone I though was awesome because of his looks and him being musically gifted. Wait until you're married?? No I don't believe that at all. Just someone special.

was him moving in your idea Sarah ?

I was 16 and he was 18. We were not in a relationship at the time, just best friends. It wasn't really what i expected but I wasn't even sure what to fully expect going into the situation. I think it was with the right person, seeing as we got together a few months after that and we've now been together for over three years.


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