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Is it just me, or have MohawksRock been a little dead for a while now? Let's wake up and try to keep the site alive!

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I'm only just a new member but YES please don't let the site die. I really like here man love the awesome pics and people for sure!!

Don't worry Sarah, there will always be some of us here to keep this awesome Site alive....but it would be TOTALLY awesome if more members would regularly check in and keep us posted on how their lives and Hawks are doing. You don't have to always write a story when you check in, but just throw up a quick status to let us know how you are and what's new with you. Throw a few pics up once in a while too is always awesome. So there are lots of you out there that haven't said anything for a long time.....just tell us how ya are! :-)

Hey Lena........don't be discouraged! You can help us to keep this Site alive....just keep checking in and posting a few comments even is no one is on.....people check in and read them, and they will be more likely to keep checking in if there is always a few people saying something. :-)


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