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ok recently at school some people started a rumor that im a rapist haha im not cool with rape but i think thats funny haha Whats some of the weirdest insults you guys have had said about you?

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Nah, he was gone by the time I was done.

Its an '83 Hurst/Olds

Let me think..just the normal stuff, fat fuck, ugly bitch, fatass lesbian, too disgusting to get a guy, the usual. x]

I get that too, wtf right?

Ive been called a guy, even tho i clearly have boobs and i was wearing a shorts. but eh. Ive gotten the usual "freak" "rooster" or anything bird related, "emo", "goth", "society's ugly cousin that should have a bag over their face." People asking me questions but being jerks about it like laughing and snickering when they ask. (But thats cuz they dont have the balls to rock a mohawk!) Oh the best one is tho, I was called "an artists used up fan paint brush"

Yeah, i was just like "well then, hopefully I created beautiful pieces of art"

Ass Hat :l

Ass hat?

when ppl call me a pussy to make me seem weak... i dont get this becous (and im sorry to the men) but are privets can withstand some serious ish from poundings to child birth and god knows what els, a 5 year old can take a grown man down and even quiker with a pointy shoe.

The statue of liberty, rooster, baldy, and a guy lol cant remember others

interestingly enough I dont think Ive ever been insulted. Not to my face at least.

The weirdest one was just a little while ago. i was dressed in my most girly rockabilly best with my hawk in pin curls all twisted up neat...and had some kids shout "fag" at me. then the usual, emo, goth, weirdo, freak, dyke, statue of liberty and so on down the line of lame ass "insults". But I do get really cute reactions from a lot of little girls which results in bad reactions from parents...LOL

I overheard some stupid jocks, they said I looked like a male stripper with a rooster on my head. I laughed my ass off at that.


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