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Like the title says, what are you listening to right now?

For me it's:
Casa De Chihuahua - Welcome To Hell

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i love x-ray spex!!!
Misfits - Where Eagles Dare
Level 42 - It's Not The Same For Us.
The Exploited - Beat the bastards
misfits surf rock
The A.A. DropOuts - Shirtless Jock
----------- A simple song that describes a problem we've ALL run into at punk shows :(
Also, I Hope the Sex Was Better by A.A.^
die die darling - misfits
Star Fucking Hipsters - The Civilization Show

Just got my hands on their new album, Never Rest in Peace.
Pretty good.

I think the album officially drops October 20th. Pick it up.
Timewaster - The Restarts
smut peddlers -- dead end
rancid- east bay night
dear sergio - catch 22


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