Mohawks Rock

Like the title says, what are you listening to right now?

For me it's:
Casa De Chihuahua - Welcome To Hell

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Powerslave by Iron Maiden.
symphony no. 33 in B flat major by wolfgang mozart
Case fans - Antec ;)
heh. Im in a industial mood so im listning to a mix of Angelspit, Atari Teenage Riot, and Ayria :P
ive been hell bent on listning to Rise against lately though heh.
Leftover Crack - Gay Rude Boys Unite
gogol bodello- godlike ..........................he fukin kicks arse
baby blue eyes - guana batz
Chaos is my life - The Exploited
The Ascendicate , you and me
rock around the clock - bill haley
Screeching Weasel - Sunshine
flatfoot 56-china town jailbreak it's eagles of death metal-miss alissa


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