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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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-hair fanned
-dropkick murphys shirt
-studded/patched vest
-plaid pants.
-high top converse shoes(my only pair)
I always thought of you dressed-up in suits - from your pics. Nice to hear you got some cons to go with casual dress too. Are they the standard black/white?
haha the pics are from my grad/prom :P i don't usually go out with people who have cameras so iv got none in my usual attire.

and ya there jsut black and white and extremely comfortable lol.
:) comfort's important. I have to admit, I've got a bit of a phobia of suits after having to wear one daily to work for too long. I think it's the being forced to wear them that makes me like casual dress all the more. :D

Anyway, your grad/prom pics are cool too - esp. the coat-hanger one. =) Sometimes I find some folk like suits instead of casual and with work other times, folk don't get a chance to dress down much or show off the rest of their gear. It's not easy taking your own pics, I know, esp. full shot.
Good shirt!
liberty spikes
marilyn manson shirt
tan shorts
high top converse
Quite a few liberty spikes and converse around today - cool. =)
I don't have any punk band shirts yet, and I lost my Rancid it was the only one i had
Today was normal long hair, cos i have yet to get a hawk
Atreyu shirt, worn black jeans ive been wearing for a week, converse, then crappy white shoes, and my DIY vest in progress, and my fedora
What's the hair likes these days, getting good and long or did you go with getting a 'hawk?
Just out of curiousity, what colour of converse, and high or low tops? And finally, how's that DIY vest going?
I like the sound of the grungy ballerina top. ^_^
- hair up
- Studded/patched/painted etc leather jacket (not real leather XD)
- Offspring t-shirt
- Jeans
- black and white socks
- My random shoes
Faned hair
DIY jacket
"the adicts" shirt
Blue jeans
And my trusty converse


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