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From hair, clothes and shoes - what did you wear and look like today?

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heheh Sounds like good work wear! :D
what are you wearing at work?
Fortunately - no work.  heheh  And just up now, in black with white-striped shoulders T-shirt; black/grey jeans and white socks (inside!). :D  Waiting for my new chair today!  Will shove on my old black Macadam work boots when they deliver.
my hair is curently shaved,i wore fishnet stockings under darkgreyshorts, a sphagehti strap tank top and converse and i also wore a black and brown book bag
-hair pinned back with bandana
-inside out black tank
-baggy red flannel
-worn out blue skinnys
-hella old worn out chucks
-bright pink socks (x
-dirty ass green backpack 
Couple of chuck wearers above, I see.  Great for the summer!

Um does school uniform count? Of course not- boring! I'll list what i'll wear tomorrow .... Leather Jacket, D.I.Y shirt of The Adicts, black pants with band patches sewn on, and black boots.


same thing i wore yesterday,

Black spaghetti strap tank top

pink leopard pants

and barefoot atm

I looked like a power ranger today

It's morphin' time! =))


heh @ socks and underwear. XD  Though better to have on than off!  Esp. in Autumn.


"converse baskedball sneaker-things" <-- sneaker-things?!  I thought they're either normal sneakers or not, now you have me curious to see them. :(

Sounds like you had a good day though! :D  Always good!

Lol hawk was down so I was rockin this black bandana with different coloured skulls, black tank top, blue plaid cut off PJ shorts down to my knees and camouflage flip flops :D


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