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im curious to know what other peoples hawks look like when there down.

Post some pics:)

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do you mean just down or how people style them when theyre down? :P
cause i have a TON of pictures of how i styled my hair when its down haha
i guess i mean how its styled when its down:)
a mullet! haha :P so i usually put it in a pony tail.
i just brush it down and mess it up a littole so it covers my blad patches, looking relatively normal.

when it was shorter, it looked like a mulled cos my hair was all the same length.
so i cut the back a little shorter and blended it it looked less odd down.
also made it easier to do the back.
get some blonde colored bobby pins :] youll be able to pin it back and the pins will just blend into your hair
well, heres some of my old mohawk ones, granted for some of them you would need a fringe or a little length on the sides

i didnt do much different with my bihawk..
same same, looks good btw i like the bandana on you
Yeah, I look like Hitler's youth when its down. Or I wear a hat over it. If I wear the hat most of the day, then take it off, It falls infront of my eye, and I look a little emo. Okay, very emo as I wear black pants and black shirts all the time.
kevin looks emo when his is down, because he has a widows peek hairline. and it falls in his eyes and pisses him off. so he wears baseball hats and he looks like the mighty ducks from behind cus the bottom of his hawk comes out from under the hat. when he was in california, a little old lady asked him if it was real, because she said she thought it was a part of the hat! hehehee. but mine just looks like its trying to be a litttle mini poofy hawk since its a short hawk
hi. i love your little fluttery bits on the side... great idea. I always end up getting annoyed trying to grow the chelsea parts out and just shave em off. i love the blue too, sweet! ciao.
super beautiful!


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