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Other than Trainspotting, I am crazy about The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle.

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Well, this movie is not created with/of a  punkband, but there is punk in it! So f*ckinf funny!! Nattbuss , a swedish movie, I'm not a rasist or anything, but one of the dudes just makes me laugh! It's about a couple of rasists who's beating up immigrants because they're "taking  all the swedish girls" and it's a really sad bud also funny true story.


Just as you might know, if I were a rasist I wouldn't be here, plus I'm not 100% swedish either.

is there a copy of it in english?
There is english text, I think you'll laugh when you hear this guy talk :)

Short Circuit 2 -

He becomes a punk hero following the ideals of individuality, acceptance and fights against corruption.

Another vote for SLC Punk


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