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Other than Trainspotting, I am crazy about The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle.

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Thats what im saying!
(posted this yesterday but whatever) I seen part of "The Decline of Western Civilization" and it fuckin sucked and was gay. The only cool part was with the Circle Jerks. I really wanna see "American Hardcore" that was based on the book "American Hardcore".
umm i forgot what it was called but it was on 80s bands and american hardcore!
Another State of Mind, American Hardcore, The Decline of Western Civilization? I dunno but I got a feeling I'm being poked in the balls here.
Punk's Not Dead is a good one. And I'm surprised no one's said SLC Punk yet :o
That's what I thought earlier. I was gonna say how it pisses me off.
Meeee toooooooooo.
Yooou toooo?? =' )
I was surprised that no one had said it.
Punk's Not Dead or SLC Punk? I quite liked them both :o
Salt Lake City. It's a cool movie. All the characters are gay. I think his name is "Shawn'' that's the only character that doesn't start out gay, then gets gay. Scooby Doo sucks too. FUCK Heroine Bob and his whiny pussy ass. I think my favorite part of the whole thing was the Subhumans van.
Anybody seen "Anarchist Cookbook" ? GAY GAY GAY. The only thing I remember that was even remotely ''punk rock'' about it was the cover. But you can tell that's what the movie thought it was.


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