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Other than Trainspotting, I am crazy about The Great Rock N' Roll Swindle.

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return of the living dead 1
I love this movie XD
SLC punk is quite the film like but if you try to get it online it always cuts out the end so best getting it on dvd if ya gonna watch it
I have it on VHS and I love it(:
(BTW I love VHS movies)
Romper Stomper
Umm Der.. SLC Punk!
SLC Punk makes great points about what it is to be punk and how to spread the punk influence.
Fight Club is one you have to watch a few times.
American History X is lame.
Clockwork Orange sucks balls. Stupidest movie ever. Total waste of life.
Surprised no one has mentioned it... but Tank Girl. Has to be my favorite.
They all drowned when the air turned blue
Cos we didn't give a toss
Filthy lucre, ain't nothing new
But we all get cash from the chaos
Havent seen that one , ill check it out, but I love SLC Punk! although the end sucks pretty bad , but hey its life!
It always makes me so sad. D:
im gonna fairly admit that when heroin bob died, i teared up

was tun wenns brennt

chaostage - we are punks

both in german ;)


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