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i am so bored of just putting my hawk in a fan or just regular liberty spikes i want to do something different for the agent orange show coming up this friday.  any one have any ideas?  or maybe could derict me to some different pics to copy?? lol.  oh yeah and it isnt verry long yet only about 5 or 6 inches some shit like that touches the tip of my nose lol.

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thats actually a pretty good idea sometimes it seems like it might be alittle to thin though but i think it is just how i dont have it up perfect sometimes. my wife is better at putting it up then me but im getting better. liberty spikes are the hardest for me to do by my self thats why i do 3 spikes in front and fan the back some times.
put it in spikes that curve forward! start with a regular spike and bend it when its almost dry. Add more hairspray to freeze it in place!
that sounds pretty cool
sweet i love tryin new ways to put it up. just not good enough to come up with my own idea lol. i gotta get a couple inches cut off the ends are breaking
the front in a devilock and two rows of spikes

Knock em dead, cowboy. Bloodstains rules!!


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