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What's the best, brightest, intense, long lasting green hair color out there? I tried Manic Panic Electric Lizard and I was pretty disappointed. It looked very light and washed out. I need something that really pops! Any Ideas??

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the brightest green i have ever spotted, was a mixture of manic panic "electric banana" and "atomic turquoise"; 2/3 banana to 1/3 turquoise, she wrote.

her timeline is simply amazing! (

i can't vouch for the survivability of the colour though, i've heard manic panic washes out pretty easily - i've had fantastic results with special effects brand though, perhaps you can recreate the shade using their "bright as fuck" yellow and "limelight", "iguana green", or "fishbowl"? special effects generally lasts months with me, provided i don't go crazy with the shampoo usage.

i used the manic manic mix aswell. It came out just like the picture above. You gotta re-dye it every couple weeks though if you want it to stay like that. It fades pretty nicely though

I recently used Special effects, limelight.

and it turned out like this


(the blue is special effects also, though I can't place the name right now. >-<)

There is a hair dye thread. Check it out.
link to current hair color thread:

I have always used punky colors- spring green for my greens, long lasting, smells great, vibrant color.
Thank you for doing the digging. At that moment in time I was too lazy to find it myself.
Just dyed my ol' man's green this evening. We used Kryptonite Green by Raw Color.

Thanks to everyone for the great advice and for sharing your experiences. I could not find Raw Color in green around here so I went with Special Effects Iguana Green. It turned out awesome, way better than the manic panic disaster. Surprisingly it lasted a long time and after I rebleached, to go back to purple, the tips still held some of the green. So far I have to say that my favorite brands are Raw Color and Special Effects. Thanks again, Eclectic Momhawk



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