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I'm pretty bored and at all the discussions people is telling me I'm allways wrong even if it's a question where the answer can't be wrong or right like eat meat and vegetarians ...


So ... If you were walking in the woods and a unicorn walks up to you and says "Ey, dude, your pants is ugly as hell!" what would you do? =)

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probably misquote the Bullies episode of The IT Crowd B)


 Look at said unicorn suggistively, "well then....what do you wanna do about it?..." :D

i would say:


"what the fuck do you know about pants? you can't even use them!"



id give the unicorn a mohawk and walk away after i took a pic
Double like
Why ain't I surprised? lol.
slatter it in the name of the flying spaghetti monster!!!!
LMFAO Rad. I'd ask the unicorn if he wanted some of the shrooms
Chop off it's horn and stab it and kill it. Then, make fun of it's pants.
I would ask if the unicorn was blind or so, 'cause I barely ever wear trousers.

lol i wear shorts mosta the time

What would you do, if you were asked to give up your dreams for freedom


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