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I'm pretty bored and at all the discussions people is telling me I'm allways wrong even if it's a question where the answer can't be wrong or right like eat meat and vegetarians ...


So ... If you were walking in the woods and a unicorn walks up to you and says "Ey, dude, your pants is ugly as hell!" what would you do? =)

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I'd start singing

"Always, I want to be with you, and make believe with you, and live in harmony harmony oh love!"

xD robot unicorn attack!!!!!!!
Marry me.
Open your eyes I see...
Id jump on his back and ride him :D
Same here. Maybe over a rainbow to a far away land of magic, love, and cheesecake.

get the leperchaun to tell him that his pants are ugly as hell too

I'd tell the thing "Well, at least I don't have a dick on my forehead."

hahaha you had the best coment EVER!!


take a cookie, you've deserved it =)

nothing,,, just stand there looking stupid and try to get a grip on the fact that I just witnessed a talking unicorn who insulted me,,,then run if I find it to be dangerous even though I probably wont get to far,,lets not forget its a magical horse with a horn on its head,,lol
I'd say SHUT THE FUCK UP! Oh hey unicorn..


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