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Just kinda courious cause there's another thread about nicknames and this kind goes with it. Mines Ben. Whats yours? And dont spaz. Ok. Just having some more fuckin fun like we always do. Haha

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but you can all call me hannah montana, that's nice
I lol'd


 My name is 'Ward'. But, I go by my middle name. Which is my chosen username...

Shanna, but my full name is Shannan, but only my mother calls me by my full name
my names shuniece but everyone forgets or messes it up :p

Bonjour :)

I'm Amber. But get called Bam, Bamber, Bambi..

Anything that rhymes with that shit :)

I've already commented in this, but why don't we take my whole name, just for fun?

My full name is Amalie Wridt Bardeleben.

I always have to spell me middle -and last name to people, hohohoooho.

And I'd love to hear you pronounce it correctly.

Well i knew this blood OG that used to call e Sdot.. A few people called me Moochii... and my boxing trainer called me killer...    but i dont follow any of that shit nomore my name is Evan Hemans and my mom got the idea to call me evan from a shoe company she loved named evan sumtn..Forget the last name to it but oh wellll.  Hey if you mad cool and social add me on fb..I need sum more buds..   Evan Hemans

oyeah and people in jail called me wheels and after a while Hemans..I got mad fuckin nick names i swear


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