Mohawks Rock

i Just flat out told the lady i wanted a mohawk but not shaved all the way to the sides.

so like not bald.

as the hair fell i felt as if all my troubles and past just hit the floor.

sadly i had my friend who is now currently and forever will be a bitch with me

and is part of that memory.

so  anyways.


it felt good to get a mohawk

you feel stronger and more carefree.

they did attempt to put it up with their lame gel and it looked pretty...fuckin lame.


left the store and a guy rooted my hair on .

since then i have let it grow and i want a mohawk forever.

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this is around when i got it and i put it up right.
I'm not sure I understood what the point of this thread/story was. Almost everyone here knows what it is like to have their hair cut...

no like... what happend when you first got your mohawk and what went through your head.



Oh you mean like, hey I had a full head of hair, now its breezy and erect?
ha yeah basically.
I always shaved my head (look funny with hair) so my friend said "why not grow your hair into a mohawk?"
and look! you did! woohoo!
Mine was on New Years 3 years ago. My friend did it in her bathroom. It was nice, but Ive quickly learned that I only trust about 3 people to cut my hair.
haha i dont trust anyone to do it cause my friend cut a reverse mohawk instead cause he thought it would be funny hahahaha i cut my hair now :]
I trust myself to do a little bit, my boyfriend (he always does my sides the best) and my hairstylist who is an old punk rocker herself.

i have always had long hair (around the nip area)  and well after shaving it all off to try and get better jobs (which didnt help) 

i decided to grow my hair back. well i got annoyed 1 or 2 times when it would get around my eye level. so id shave it again. well as the last time i had always wanted a mohawk. so i did it. i felt like myself all over again.  now that i have it, i dont think ill ever cut it off.  

itll take a really good job for me to cut it off. but then ill go back to not feeling like myself :/ 

I got mine over the summer and i well i let any one who can hold a pair of sheers cut my hair i dont really care  and i always had hair that was long like it was always to my ass but i love my mohawk and it makes me feel amazing


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