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I can't order studs online so idk where to get them. All i have in y town is Wal-mart and a Joannes Fabric :/

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Holy guacamole! $25? Where do you buy studs?

I never really buy them to tell you the truth or i haven't yet i just rip them off of other things till i can get some money. 


Also i didn't realize how wrong that sentence sounded "have you done you searched the web???" maybe i should pay attention in school more.-.-  

Lol, studs at Stunds And Spikes used to be free. They send you free stickers and you take pictures of where you stuck em and send em to their email, then they send you 100 studs. I did that for years and now have 4 jumbo zip lock bags filled with studs I'm probably gonna hand down the family for years T.T

the free studs thing is still going on, but its limited to english 77 studs

I am so going to use this, thanks hun
ive been on and they sell em for like 100 for 10 bucks... but i usually just go downtown to soho and buyem 10 bucks for 50 studs.... i fucks with the rounded studs though not the bulky shits............  ps i live in nyc scene get at me
Come here and get them from the local punk and metal store: earwax.
Don't mean to sound like a smart-ass but the store, DUH. Walmart has studded belts and you can take the studs off of them and put them onto anything

Pulling studs off belts is very time consuming, and pretty expensive!

studsandspikes has studs for $3 for 100, while a $10 studded belt only has 192 studs (assuming its a mens size of at least 30).

Not to mention the corporations that sell pre-studded belts piss all over the DIY ethic (assuming the person believes in such things, otherwise this isn't a factor)

True, but it's a simple solution for me. I don't mind sitting and watching a movie or something and studding a pair of shorts or jeans. Never looked at that site, thanks for the link XP


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