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I can't order studs online so idk where to get them. All i have in y town is Wal-mart and a Joannes Fabric :/

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sorry to ask this but how would i put them on?
Take them off, poke them throught and then fold the metal things inside to hold

How can you not order online? Even my poor, gypsy, trashdigging ass can get em. You just get a pre-paid visa or mastercard for however much + like $4 or $5. They have em at any grocery store or WAL-MART. So even in chickenass towns, studs will arrive in a week.

For just plain, pyramid studs, buy a cheapass belt like ms. Bean has suggested. Werks everytime. Seriously I've studded lots of things with em. Just rip em out and put em on. I'd stud my asshole if it was at all feasable.

Some varieties are cheap as hell at , other spikes are cheap as fudge from just gotta chop around..

Thats a good idea! Don't get the prepaid Vanilla Visa though, theres only a few sites that accept it (experience), but like he said, get a prepaid card! Angry Young And Poor's studs are very low quality and cost just as much as Studs And Spikes studs, but the spikes from AYP are the same. If youve got the money, I advise the bulk deals

love that site  (


angry young and RICH is more like it. SHIT IS EXPENSIVE
thats what they get for fucking sucking
Yeah it is really fucking expensive i much rather use curstpunksdistro   they were cheap and nice and sent me the patch they forgot with no hassel :)
Hell yeah love the crust distro. They got good shit.
whats wrong with $50 button up shirts? :P
haha fuck that, I barely have fifty to put towards rent, let alone a single item of clothing.


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