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I can't order studs online so idk where to get them. All i have in y town is Wal-mart and a Joannes Fabric :/

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get the prepaid card, but order from

they have the hugest variety of anything and everything. and their studs arent cheap, but their prices are.

but you might want to use scissors to bend the pokey things on the stud, your fingers would hurt wayyyy to much without a tool of any sort. but if you get a cheap stud belt and do that you can use your fingers. well, at least i did for mine and it didnt hurt.

back two years ago i was collecting old studded belts from all my friends and i got 8 studded belts, took all the studs off with my fingers and studded my hoodie haha my fingers were bleeding like no other
A thimble :) .......... steel them from monopoly games.......
lmao great idea!
haha, my finger couldnt fit into one of those lol
Super size thimble ???

Basically every one has said it or  if getting that visa card is to hard just pay some one like the money and let them place the order using there card for you.  There is alot of ways to buy them online and its not hard some places even let you send cash in the mail and then they send you  your items. So these are a few effective things :) 

And i also pull off studs from belts its easy especially when people like to just throw them away once they break.

A little late...
I'm used to being late. Take this reply for example.
well i just looked at wal-mart and i can only buy like $25 cards :/ i dont fucking have $ i'm fucked
If you don't have $25  then i don't know how you expect to buy studs. Because usually a bag is more then $25. Have you done you searched the web ???


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