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Whenever I put my hair up I always got a bunch of white stuff all over my hair from the spray. Does this happen to anybody else, or am I just using too much?

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After you spray it run your hand over it then blow-dry.. It should help spread out any spots that got sprayed too much/too close.
I try to avoid touching my hair with my hand until its done and dry, it always seems to turn stringy and thin when I touch it.
I do it every time with no problems! Except I usually just use one finger instead of my whole hand so I'm not as sticky haha. I suppose it's cause I do my hair different then most people
i just rub my index finger over the spot i sprayed and spreads it out so i dont get it anymore
I just started using got2b like last week whats the best kind cause there where like 20+ different kind,,before got2b I used Ampro pro style gel,
Got2b Freeze Spray. If you want to use something more like a paste, Got2b Spiking Glue.

mix ur glue and hairspray!! first glue ur hair up, blow dry, then hair spray and make it wet again, all the glue drips to the base so its sticks up good, and then the hair pray dries and keeps it nice and fluffy looking up on top

My hairs too long for the glue
Happens to me as well, i just learn to live with it, and I put in alot too, cause ive got heavy hair


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