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They're so expensive! Where i live they're like $80 to $120. Thats alot for a pair of boots. I got my boots from goodwill for 4 or 5 bucks and i've had them for 3 years. Do Docs stay together well, to me they look they'd fall apart like the sole would detach or something. I'd rather by a good pair of specialty work boots that are made to stay together.



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The thing about Dr. Ms is that they can be worn in many different ways. You can roll up, you can tuck, or you can leave the cuffs down and go for a dress shoe look. I wore my Dr. Ms' to every interview I've ever had.

I always just wear my pants where they kinda hang over the shoes and you cannot see what they are.. The soles suggest combat boots because they are rugged, but I hadn't thought about that.. Might have to look for a pair now..

Yep, I like being able to wear them in different ways like that.  I always wore my boots every day at work with the cuffs down.  But I prefer the cuffs rolled up, above them with white socks above the boots, though for ease I also tuck sometimes.

I have really come to like my cherry red Docs, but my 10 hole ones are without steel toe; I have looked at your link at the Boot Company, and they have both 10 hole Docs and Solvoair with steel toe. Which one do yout think is better?

The perfect person to see for what the cherry red Solovair look like on in reality for comparison is Sonny above - since he got the 'plain vamp' pair I suspect, rather than the 'Englander' model.


Personally, the 'Englander' model is much like my 10 hole steel-cap DMs with the generic work-boot style sole look that you get on lots of other boots.  I really wished I had got the genuine DM style sole with the ridges instead.  Just to me, that's part of the classic DM look, plus they don't close fully when you lace them 'cause the leather tongue is stiched further up to the lower upper.  So, I can't do tight-style lacing with them.


The Solovair 'Plain Vamp' ones look better on that site's pic than the similar cherry red steel-toed DMs - but I'm still not sold on the green tag and I know the tread is slightly different to DMs which always makes me think on a copy look of DMs, even though they are perfectly legit, just really a company branching out.  It's a very minor point and really only I probably care about it - 'cause I'm special. lol =)


Ultimately, what you like is best, so choose what you like - you have to wear them after all and I'm sure they're both good. :)

Where can I find an "Englander" model on the internet? I'd like to go with that.. Just plain black..

Choosing the model I recommend the least! LOL  But here's what the plain black ones look like.  Just be prepared that breaking them in seems to be difficult - all the boots made in England use a thicker leather that's not as supple from reports I've read.


Just checked and I can't find anywhere that sells them outside the UK.  Sonny might know, since he got a pair of Solovair's online delivered to the US - though I don't think they are that model.

What's the main difference in model? I'd rather have something made in England than some third world nation where the boots will be of inferior quality.

One is more an industrial style versus the traditional DM-like style - all the styles on that site link above are sourced & made in England - so you can pick any you like, really - be it DMs, Grinders, Solovairs, etc. :)

And I found they do ship to the US (see Terms & Conditions).


I read a comparison on DMs by someone who had bought some from China, Thailand and England.  They found a few differences, but the main ones were the leather used in England was prepared in a different way which made it stiffer and less easy to break in.  Though they couldn't really find much difference in quality and they disputed the claim the England ones were better.


Though, again, I think Sonny is the man to answer here, since he's actually got a pair of Solovair's just recently.  Last I heard he was having trouble breaking them in.  No doubt he'll get round to replying here with real, first-hand info better than mine. :)

I always wear my boots to the office as well. In the past, I have always had my jeans over the boots, but I have started to have my jeans rolled up; it looks a bit hard core, but its really cool, especially with the cherry red docs

I know exactly what you mean. I've got a pair and have the same problem. Last winter my buddy said I could try a spray adhesive like they use for steps. Idk about it though never looked into it. So I continue to bust my ass when its even muddy, but I've had the same pair sine the age of 13 :)

Older docs are alright, but the newer ones suck. My boyfriend got a pair and they only lasted him 7 months. They suck. Over-priced, over-rated. If you're a rich snobby suburban "punk" shit go for it, mom and dad can just buy you a new pair when those ones go bad.

Really, if you want good boots you need COMBAT boots. From or check out a military store like Jax. Jax has the best boots around. Screw the docs.


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