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You have a Mohawk, but you have a problem putting it up?

So I've had my Mohawk for about 2 months, and I've only put it up for about 1 and a half. Some nights I go to bed at 1 and wake up at 6 but just don't feel like putting it up. I've left it down for a week max. Anyone here ever just go and leave it down?

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yes. Most of the time my hawk is down. 


i usually dont have time in the mornings to look pretty. i dont have time for make up, i dont have time to put my hawk up... I'm not a morning person, i hate life when im half awake, I'm obligated to go to class, and i think i'm just going to wear whatever is closest to my bed. 


maybe one day when i dont have class at 8:30am I'll make an effort to look good. 



wearing your hawk up 24/7 is never a bright idea. its a cool style but can be super damaging to your hair, let it rest once in a while and condition the fuck out of it and get the dead shit (split ends) trimmed off regularly. hair appointments are expensive, I usually just let a trusted friend trim my hair to save cash. 

U mad?


I never said you were a girl, even though you are acting like a total bitch right now. 

its not about looking pretty (which is a gender neutral term in my book, you dingle-berry), its about taking care of your hair so you can keep the style longer and it wont look like shit.

and yes, you are concerned with looking good or else you wouldn't punch shit when you're hair doesn't look perfect nor would you complain about how it "looks like a dead squirrel" when you dont style it. 


but whatever dude, keep being a douche bag YOU'RE MORE HXC THAT WAY. 

I call guys pretty all the time, most of them couldn't care less.

It's a compliment either way.

I haven't put mine up in ages.. It's gotten super long as a result. I need to trim it so I can put it up again soon.
I go to school so i can't constantly have it up and when i do put it up on the weekends its for a show or i just am feeling snazzy. Also when like in the summer i still give my hair like a few days if not a week inbetween putting up the hawk.
i dont have the money and time, so i just have it down. got yesterday in a fight. fuck chavs.

I only wear it up on special occasions. :P

Otherwise it's down. I don't like the idea of damaging my hair, nor wasting my spray.

After a while your hair gets "trained" to be up. Used to take me about an hour for it to stand successfully, and even then it only lasted about 3 days. Now it only takes about 5-15 minutes and it'll stand for weeks. You just have to put it up more often to train it, and to get more practice in.
I really don't think that your training your hair you've just gotten better at putting it up and learning what works for your hair :) when I first got my hawk it took me forever to try and get it up. By the time it got to 12+inches I could put it up easily in 10-15 mins. Now that I haven't put it up in ages it will prob take me a good half hour or more again..


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