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"You won't be able to get a job like that" (/rant)

I really can't even get a job with boring normal hair anyways. But yeah, sometimes I want my hawk back, been thinking about it tons more. I don't care that it looks "unflattering" (my BF disagrees so) or "creepy" or "unprofessional". It's funny, every time someone says I should be more grown up, it makes me want to shave the sides of my head, stick my hair up,neck tattoo, gauges, piercings, and just do what I want. I am 19, so I could. There's some kind of anger against telling me how I should look. People land cushy finance jobs and do zilch for the world and are miserable. Where here I am just trying to be me, and make my own way. People think it's okay to tell me that I'm not going places, when they are living an illusion. I'd be happy in my dream job (a chef) getting paid less than $20 an hour as long as I could be myself. I don't want to have to bullshit my way through this world, selling myself like I am a piece of merchandise. That's not living true. I wonder if anyone values authenticity anymore.

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I hear every word of your rant and you'll obviously find a lot of support here for your viewpoint.

There is even a whole group on here dedicated to this topic with lots of rants and ideas about jobs, where to work, and the value of a personal brand.

I personally would find it awesome to see someone take off the chef hat and see a cool, albeit probably bedraggled mohawk underneath.

Don't ever let people tell you who you are and what you are capable of or not!   You don't judge a book by it's cover!   The same goes for people!       :)


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