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yeah, i had speak with much of than,i fight with a lot of these idiots
there words are stupid and there idioligy is a fault

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not if you hang with similar crowds unfortunately my friends have family who are white power types they live in bloomington if you know where that is

bullshit i was just in SoCal and got jumped by the cunts. i usually carry a knife around but the one day i hopped a greyhound there without one and that shit happens there was 3 of them. i was wearing my hoody that says GG Allin ScumFuck on the back of it and they started talking shit i told them to suck my fuckin cock told them i was going to rape their whore and thats when it kicked off. fuck em they didnt get my bottle of Jim so thats all that matters i sat in a park afterwards and got fucked up ended up passing out in the bathroom

At my school their are a couple really racist assholes who accuse me of being a skinhead just cause I wear combat boots...I'm kinda shy so I don't get my views out very often (plus I was pretty conservative back in the day), but I just wanna go through hell to tell them that I'm a punk rocker who's not a skinhead.
I think any prejudice or racism is total ignorance, fear, and bullshit. I'm great friends with jewish people, bisexual people, and many people of different races religions and lifestyles. all the racists & nazis should just fuck off.
I've also been called a nazi for wearing big boots. Most kids are just mocking me, but I have had my sister tell me that kids have asked her, in all seriousness, if I was a nazi before. Gotta love a small town.
why did you take being called a skinhead as an insult???
ive seen a couple of nazis in my time they usualy just spit after me or give me the finger but i just ignore them
wich makes em even more pissed =/
One used to live in an apartment complex I was in. Fucker had bumper stickers like "my boss is an Austrian painter' etc. I fucked with him a bit, intimidated etc. Even smeared his car seats with dog shit (hey he left the roof down)

The worst ones I ever saw were different. They weren't thugs. There were dressed in suits with armbands, helping old people with their shopping, handing out literature. They're the ones you gotta watch. These tossers are trying to win hearts and minds. And they know how to do it. they do it by being pleasant to people. They don't look aggressive or threatening. But they're more dangerous than any thug.
i got beaten up. ended in hospital for at least five days. i will write more about my "experiences" with those fuckers later. got work to do... but one thing: i just got beaten up once, because they were more people. the other times I encountered them, it was definetly their bad day, not mine.
Fucking rock man. What we can never do is let those Nazi cunts get the better of us. A lot of us have had run-ins with them and been beaten. But they're cowards and only ever try it if they outnumber you a lot. Scorn may sometimes be our best weapon.
I live in Chicago which is pretty segregated sorry to say. It really doesn't matter what direction you go because you're going to pass supremely black neighborhoods which slowly turn white which slowly turn black again and so on and so forth. Nazis may surface at shows but plenty white supremacists live near and around me anyway. I think one of the main problems that coincide with this issue is education especially in bigger cities because funding only goes to the better schools with higher tests scores and whatnot. Also, alot of people end up moving to the suburbs simply because the education quality is better. Many say that this action of uprooting to the suburbs guarantees that public education in the city will never better but you can't blame people for wanting their children to have a better education. Furthermore, I can't explain why there are so many racists in the city. One would think that exposure to different lifestlyes, beliefs, and overall understandings of the world would help create a more unified appreciation and comprehension of just how different/same we all are. But alas I find myself more wrong than right, about people that is, ...yet again.
I live in bakersfield and theres a few here although they r a minority theyre pretty stupid and go looking for trouble all the time, me and my friend (I call him Tank) got jumped by some nazis telling me y do I associate with gooks? Thing is Im half mexican myself but shit they r idiots man


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