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 I like when surrealism, macabre and grotesque are combined into one

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my favorite would have to be impressionism.. like van gogh.
I'm a big fan of the Baroque period, both in the North and South. Borromini is the best in Italian baroque, and probably Rembrandt in the Northern baroque in my opinion.

A lot of modern archtiecture really does it for me too. I really want to see something by Frank Gehry like the Dancing House in Prague but I can't afford it at all right now, and probably not in the near future.

I love all art, I don't really have a name I'm aware of for my favourite style, I like art that reflects the music I listen to; aggressive, rough edged and DIY ie thing that involve having very little control over your paint, like painting Hockney style over a stencil, so it leaves a blank pattern among the streaks of colour.

I also like very realistic sketchings, that's what I mostly do


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