Mohawks Rock name is doroteo...but I go by dweezil..which is my middle name..but I also go by lev carnage!! Which is mah stage name! Heheh!! I am a student at south san high school currently going to be a enrolled in my schools cosmo course...and have a liscenes to cut and style hair! I work at the black fly metamorphises....tis indeed pretty rad!! Also I work parttime at a master cuts as a host! I hail from spain and live here in san antonio.....the southside to be exact! ED how about yall!!

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I'm over in Austin TX
san anto. lonely.
I'm in Crowley (South Ft. Worth)
north east el paso
Rockin In San Angelo
cooper, all around the 936, 281, and 713
i be in the humble area 832, 281, and 713
weeeeeee! San Angelo! :/
via 210
its all about fucking mcallen tx

I live in San Antonio.


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