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what age did you get yours and how long have you've had it

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35 and about 2 months
i just turned 16 and had it ever tuning 20 this year
I was 20 and I've had it A little over two months. I was growing it out to have either liberty spikes or long hair. Then I said fukk it. Thinking about a blue billygoat now.
17 and it's been a few months
I'm 15 and got mine in January. Good way to kick off the new year. :"D
Started growing my current mohawk when i was 16 and I've had it for 13 months now.
though i've had a mohawk on and off since i was about 10.
valentiens day i will have had my mohawk for a year. i couldn't be happier
never to late to get a hawk!!
First time I was 15 and was listening to The exploited and watching Diary of The Dead, Movie sucked but ended up with a shaving razor giving myself my first Mo'Hawk. I ended up cutting the side of my head but couldn't stop had to finish up before my ma got home. Im 17 now but that was my first


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