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I was once almost suspended from school for sitting with my friend in a tree that was almost 5 ft off the fucken ground. They made a hugh deal about if I fell and broke my neck that it would be the schools fault. Have you ever been in a situation where the logic and reason for your schools authority just made no freaken sense?

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yea they wont let me skateboard on school ground's even though we got a nice bank ther:cry:
in elementary school i wasn't aloud to bring my skateboard to school at all, and wasn't aloud to wear a shirt called "pain heals, chicks dig scars, and glory lasts forever" the vice principle told me if i wear it again he will suspend me.
i wasn't aloud to wear any wallet chains in school either, the first day of school i wore one and my teacher told me "we had problems with them last year, please don't wear them again" i wore them a few more times and got detentions.

oh and my high school is a complete shit hole when it comes to uniform. when i first came, it was pretty simple: dress shirt,dress pants,dress shoes, vest/sweater tie. pretty simple and every different types of variations. as the years went on, they complelty fucked us over. on ties(last month of the school year, they went and looked at EVERY persons tie, and MADE them buy a new one if it was 'defaced'. the next school year they changed the look of the tie and u had to buy a new one was shitty spending another 40$ on a tie when i had a perfectly good one). we HAVE to have a black leather belt with nothing on it. if you forget a peace of uniform before you had to just put collateral and borrow a peace form the office. now you have to pay, like straight up pay for a smelly shirt that 100000 other guys have worn 3 bucks for each peace of clothing.
iv gotten MANY diffrent detentions and lectures for non-proper uniform.

by far, one of the best memories so far is my English teacher in grade 11(last year) said everyone MUST have black uniform socks. he started kicking kids out for wearing ankle socks(saying there not proper) and 27 other kids outside of his room pulled up our pants to show ankel socks. he sent us all down to the office where we argued for 2 hours with the VP and was told we could were any socks we wanted. was a pretty big feat lol.
you could always just run around with a peice of paper signed by you that says that you wont sue :D

and yes, i have tried that an annoying amount of times..
I've been i in this situation a many of times. maybe simply because I like tp cause trouble, or I'm bored. Who knws.I'm fucked up and tired, adn I wanna cuddle to sleep. SAVE ME! pleae!


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