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I started off their comments with the below statement. Lets get as many of us voicing our opinion on this site and see what kind of an impact we can have.

I wear a mohawk and am a proponent of the hairstyle and the unique creativity it inspires in folks. I saw a 12 yr old at Ikea the other day with a mohawk and his face and dads lit up when I told them how cool it was and asked how he did it.

To ask a child to conform when all they are looking for is a little light a little something to standout and be happy about, is to show your own self ignorance and doubt.

Granted I couldn't wear my 16inch mohawk in a classroom as others couldn't see, and at that point it is a problem. But I also find that most people who wear mohawks are quite intelligent and respectful of how and when they wear the mohawk and whether its height can impose problems.

This is just an intimidated PE teacher who realizes he has never in his whole life had the guts to express himself just as this 6 yr old is doing.

They have started a group over at the website just for catching all of these stories (which happen to be mostly in America). Countries outside of the US do mock us and find us backwood and redneck if these are the things we concern ourselves with if our kids cant even find Europe on the map.

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Go to that website and make your voice heard, you can also re-post here. Let your friends know too.
For those of you who are on I also added another story here. Digg it up.


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