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So many miles away and yet My Irish blood still calls,

for a home Ive never known

and of whose soil  Ive never felt upon  my feet,

whose sun has never kissed my face,

and whose people Ive yet to see the faces of.

Five generation's ago my family decided ited be best to come here ,

the place of my birth

and by god back then that's what was best for them,

however I know whats best for me,

I know I  must return to my homeland,

My blood tells me so, my hart yells it across my chest

I feel a pride like no other Ive ever met for the land of my non birth.

A sea away and the Celtic beet still reaches my opened ears.

A tear I shed for every day I stay away ,

and more tears I shall shed on the day of my return,

Ireland is My kingdom across the  sea

Ireland is ware I long to be

I long for the green grass and the white sheep

the tall hills and the vast meadows

the family legends being told to eager little ones

whose hopes and dreams are only matched by their love

their love of a place thave know all their short life

this is the life i want for my children someday

and their children after them

And someday I know i will return to the land of my non birth

and by god it shall be dun.

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