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At 9:32am on April 18, 2014, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day! 

At 2:25pm on October 22, 2013, Kobalos said…

So, freezing cold here atm - how's life where I sure folk are known to spontaneously combust from the heat? heh

Did you get some boots or what else you running with these days?  It's the time for them now here, being winter soon.  Now I wonder why do they call it winter in Florida when it's never cold enough to freeze!

At 12:53am on April 18, 2013, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day Steve! 

At 4:16pm on March 24, 2013, Maegen [Loves me some Oi!] said…

I seriously love your hair. o: 

At 11:58pm on March 18, 2013, CorpseQueen said…

I work alone. Every cake is 100% made by me. From ingredients to the last decoration. I cant remember what cakes I was making when we last talked lol but small can be a 6"+ 8" two tier or any 10" and under single me anyway, work wise. This weekend I had one cake and today I just finished teaching my very first private class. Which was an interesting experience. I am utterly exhausted. Tomorrow I have to make a ton of Etsy orders.. and I should probably actually get started on those tonight.. well see if I can get my ass back up again.

Wow, busy busy! Your work sounds harder then mine. Or at the very least more boring lol! Don't procrastinate too much. 

At 5:55am on March 12, 2013, Alexis said…

Like father like son I guess.

At 11:43pm on March 8, 2013, CorpseQueen said…

Lol, going "Jersey Shore" is never a good thing. Tell your hair to behave! Yeah, that was a busy week. This week I had two smaller cakes. I actually should be finishing up my second one right now but.. I'm a procrastinator.

What jobs are you working? Good luck with school and the GED! You can do it! :)

At 5:23pm on March 6, 2013, Aimee Lee Sassfield said…

They are pretty rad in some ways. Depends on the show! 

And I needed my own place haha. It's a nice house, not apt or dulpex. A house. So I am down with it. Hahah

And I really wanted to see Against Me! but they dropped off due to issues with no drummer. :[ 

I really wanted to go to Megacon! The Aquabats ruled! It's rumored that they miiight be on Warped? My friend has the insiders for Warped, and he is seeing if they are on any FL dates. And that's hilarious. Do you play Dead Island?

At 2:03am on March 6, 2013, CorpseQueen said…

Haha well you have definitely nailed it, that's for sure! Still doing the cake thing and that's pretty much all I do! 4 cakes last week two this week and a ton of Etsy orders. Keeping busy. What about you?

At 2:12pm on March 2, 2013, Kobalos said…

Programming a little, starting gardening again for the 2nd year.  Nah, I've kinda given up buying boots or sneakers, I don't have any reason to.

At 1:32pm on March 1, 2013, Aimee Lee Sassfield said…

I might go see them! I am currently moving, so I am short on Funds. I already got my Against Me! and Bad Religion Ticket. You going to that? And I know them! They go to shows a lot. I don't really communicate with them, but they seem rad! But I am gonna try to see DM. That would be a fun ass show. But, I know Noel! The lead singer of UNRB. They are sooooo gooood. 

And Mass Effect, right? The video? 

At 7:27am on February 28, 2013, DantheHawkMan said…

The problem with our seasons here in Saskatchewan is they are Spring (Chilly from April-June), then Summer (Warm from July-August), then Fall (Chilly from Sept-Oct), then Winter (Darn Cold from Nov-March) we are basically chilly/cold for 10 months of the year. It seems like we are always in kind of a fall/winter season here. We could maybe try trading for a year and see what we think? :-)

At 10:34am on February 24, 2013, Kobalos said…

Nothing to report really. :S

At 5:25pm on February 22, 2013, Aimee Lee Sassfield said…

UNRB rules. My best friend is the bass player. I love him! And I want to go see Dropkick! And I was supposed to go to that show! D: The Daytona one. I had to work, so it was impossible. :[

At 7:14pm on February 18, 2013, Spofdog said…
Can't say I remember Florida, I've only been there before I was of the age of ten
At 7:13pm on February 18, 2013, Spofdog said…
Hello :)
Utah is as it always is, kind of so so
How are things where you are?
At 12:14am on February 17, 2013, Aimee Lee Sassfield said…
Welcome! And Seffner is a hick town outside of Tampa. It suuuucks. But there are alot of show in the Tampa/St Pete area that I go to. How about Port Orange? Wherever that is haahha.
At 7:43am on September 25, 2012, VooDoo_Drunk said…

At 7:42am on September 25, 2012, VooDoo_Drunk said…

Haha, thoosse Simpsons years suucckkkeddddd... (in my opinion). Tis true, I can't escape the internet (Homer- So, they have the internet on computers now, ay?) but it's easy for me to disconnect from it, seeing that my speakers blew out, I no longer have internets in my bedroom, nor a facebook. I'm just living like it's "19-dickety-two"

At 4:18pm on September 23, 2012, Kobalos said…

It's always a good way to make boots/sneakers last, if you have at least a couple pairs and switch them daily.  They last longer if given a break regularly.


If you can handle the tough breaking in.  Not really heard anything though on long term lasting of Solavairs.  Always folk tell/show their latest & greatest boots when they buy them and rarely do a follow up which would actually tell you more!

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