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At 9:57am on May 4, 2024, Toker said…

dude how the fuck u been brother?   u still rocking the hawk....u get started on ya face work?

At 11:28pm on May 17, 2017, RobCMH said…
What an amazing transformation!

From 2012 when you were unsure about having a hawk, in 2013 you now "rock it with style". The hawk looks awesome, and it seems you are much more confident and self-assured as a person. An inspiration to us all.

Your progress has inspired me to also try a hawk for the first time in my life (I am a guy of somewhat "mature" years). We will see how it goes down at work - lol.

Regards - Rob.
At 7:30am on August 24, 2015, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day 2015!

At 9:42am on August 24, 2014, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day! How's the Hawk?? :-)

At 7:38am on July 26, 2014, Toker said…

dude u split your tounge yet man...if not do it bro...fuckn is kick ass  had mine done years ago...totally rad

FTW man

At 11:50am on June 2, 2014, Syras said…

yo alex how you make your hawk in your picture with the septum with spray ?

 couse my hawk is more or less same size but i cant make it orginaze good with gel or wax

At 3:03pm on May 26, 2014, Hadeff said…


At 11:54am on May 22, 2014, Alex Starr said…

thank you ;)

At 7:02am on August 24, 2013, DantheHawkMan said…

Happy B-Day Alex! How's the Hawk these days? :-)

At 9:28pm on May 9, 2013, Sarah said…
Thanks for the welcome Alex! Internet is so weird on my phone but finally yeah saw your pics! Definitely a mohawk agrees with you for sure! :)
At 2:24am on May 9, 2013, Sarah said…
What is up Brother! I'm totally new here so I haven't seen your old look but your new look is rocking! \M/
At 12:17am on October 22, 2012, DantheHawkMan said…

So, how has the Hawk been for ya? haven't heard from you for as bit, so thought I'd check. Have you had any issues with your job over it?

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