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At 2:20am on March 11, 2011, Kaast. said…

Ya, I really love the leopard print, in general - as hair, as clothing, whatever! :D

And I can imagine that you'd like to go anywhere outside the us, I mean... I love to travel, and I want to see the entire world! I've been in Northern Italy 3 or 4 times, Berlin 5 times (6 times next week), Ireland/Northern Ireland 1 time and Sweden a hell lot of times, because they're our neighbors, planning Berlin again this summer and England next summer.... I'm just not able to stay in my own country! :) I'd hate it if I couldn't travel outside Denmark!

At 1:49am on March 10, 2011, Kaast. said…
Right now my hair is faded blue and purple, and I want to try with the rainbow when they're long enough :D
I'm going to Berlin next week with my class, there I'll be able to buy really cheap hair dye... aaand a lot of other cheap stuff :)
Oh how I just love Berlin!
At 3:18pm on March 9, 2011, Kaast. said…

It's only a couple of inches, or a bit more.

But again, my hair is growing fast, so I'll probably be able to put them up by summer :)

Whoaa I can't wait, haha.
And yeah, when I had long hair, I couldn't imagine that short hair in general would suit me, yet now I don't even remember how I looked with long hair. And the hawk really does suit you, a lot :) 

At 2:57am on March 9, 2011, Kaast. said…

Well I actually feel the same way about my hair, but I've decided to let my two hawks grow now, without cutting then off :P I don't even know why I did that the first time, I sure regret it. But my hair is growing fast as hell, so it's okay lols.


But maybe you should try it, and then grow more than one hawk. I think bihawk would suit you just fine :)

At 2:07am on March 7, 2011, Kaast. said…
Haha awwh don't. Your hawk is too rad for that. Why would you do so?
At 7:35am on March 5, 2011, Kaast. said…
Oh sounds nice! :)
At 1:50am on March 2, 2011, Kaast. said…

Just woke up and have to get ready for school, but I'm just so tired, you know. Could sleep all day in my lovely warm bed :)


What about you?

At 6:32am on February 26, 2011, Kaast. said…

Again, you're sooo right! It's fine people just call me various things, but when they say that I'm something BECAUSE of something I'm wearing, piercing etc., it's annoying as you said.

I can't do anything else that agree in what you're saying. :)

At 5:04am on February 25, 2011, Kaast. said…

Ohh, you're so right. I like your point of view!

No matter what we do, there'll always be someone who judges out of the way someone dress. But to be honest, I don't really mind. I find it rather funny when someone's yelling at me on the street.


And thank you. :)

At 3:34pm on February 24, 2011, Kaast. said…

Maybe you're right, it makes sense anyway. You can'tn really put people in a box, you know, depending on their looks.

And talking about looks, you're looking gorgeous! :D

At 2:56pm on February 24, 2011, Kaast. said…

I just lol'd at 0deefreek's comment. I mean, I've got snakebite and septum as well, but I wouldn't consider myself as an emo, haha. I would consider anyonne as emo from their piercings.

Lol, just wanted to join the convo.

At 3:02pm on February 10, 2011, 0deefreek said…
i got snakebites and septum too im surprised your not into screamo since you have emo piercings
At 3:01pm on February 10, 2011, 0deefreek said…
awww your soo small haha
At 8:34pm on February 8, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

oh so you go completely bald on the sides? my friend did that and sliced his head with a razor, that must sting so bad. yea ever ssince ive been using the horse shampoo my hair is growing really fast too and i feel like i am always at work with my sides every couple weeks or so. but i keep my sides at a number 3. i've had a zero before and my head was super white lol so i didnt really like it. and i think a 3 is the best number. but yea as far as the spanish and stuff im on the same page. i am native american too. but i dont really know much about my tribe

At 7:22pm on January 30, 2011, Bam said…

i'd drink with ya :)

if you didn't live across the pond.

take it easy xxx

At 3:34am on January 30, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

yea i live super close to mexico too. i see tj every single day, im like 5 minutes away from the border. my hair has surprisingly grown fast evers since i first got my hawk, when i first got it it was like 4 inches -.- but now its 7 inches =D! i think the horse shampoo worked wonders on my hair,.... i dont think my hair grows that fast.. but it leaves me really bad dandruff that is impossible to get rid of. so thats the only down side. lol, well i think mexican beer is horrible, corona taste like piss water to me and tecate makes me feel like ima get a sore throat.i wouldnt even dare go near pacifico or any others. i guess the only decent one would be like dos equis.


i wish i knew spanish too, considering im half mexican. but, im really white washed. so yea i dont know hardly anything

At 10:57pm on January 29, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

i have used main and tail before but when i went to go buy some last time they didnt have any, so i got this one called cabillara or some shit that means like female horse or something lol. oohhh ohkay i get it now. yea i think i would be pretty scared to wake up in mexico. my bf is always saying, "when you turn 18 were going to go drink in mexico and blah blah", but to be quiet honest, im scared out of my brains to go to tj xD. seems so scary, and i HATE mexican beer.

At 7:28pm on January 26, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

lol why would you want to ride that? x} that sounds horrible. sounds very risky and scary lol.

yea lucky you. i, however, have super thin hair and cant look like i have a normal cut even if i wanted to. i dont think my mohawk could survive past 8 inches without it wilting after an hour because of how thin my hair is. but maybe it will be different this time cuz i have been using horse shampoo!!! woo! supposed to make it stronger.

At 6:52pm on January 22, 2011, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…

The photographic hawk + the sly pornographer.

WHAT UP? I fuckin love being brown, whadda bout you??

At 8:39pm on January 21, 2011, Gigs McGee said…

how is it risky?

oh really? you must have thick hair huh?

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