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About Me:
MY SELF-SUMMARY My name is Alex, but its not used commonly. Most people have nick names for me. I'm not into technology all that much to be honest. All i need to know how to use is my ipod and my amps. I am graduating half a year early. Other than that there isn't much to me. I used to live on the streets. I'm in a band known as Paste Card. We're a punk ska band and will play free shows. So if you are in colorado and looking for a free punk band look us up. I have a interesting history of how i got into punk actually. Not this mainstream i dress punk so i must be punk stereotype shit. The real, DIY attitude all about the music punk. I'm a fairly nice guy. I do you right even when you do me wrong. its when you betray me more than once that i cut off all ties. When there is something i want i become very committed. I believe i matured a lot faster than most people have. All my exs but one has cheated on me, and i'm sick of it. I do want to become a writer. I do spend a fair amount of time on political theories, as well as philosophy. Well that is the basics of my personality i suppose i should do my looks. You will never see me, even in the summer, without my jacket. It is practically my soul. It is hand made, and i did everything on it myself. I have a mo-hawk that is over a foot long now. My eyes change colors from blue to green. I'm around 5' 7. WHAT I’M DOING WITH MY LIFE Music, my life is all about music. Punk, ska, reggae, and psychobilly. I also do enjoy my fair share of foreign music. I love gypsy influenced music, or irish and scottish influences. Something about the energy in those bands really gets me going. I am currently in the process of writing a book. Its about life on the streets, how it makes you mature, and learn to take care of yourself. I am currently looking for a job, without much success, but i'll find one eventually. I’M REALLY GOOD AT Money management. I hate to spend money because you never know when you will truly need it. So i keep my expenses to a minimum, and only buy stuff i need. If it is for my own enjoyment i do it very rarely. Other than that i'm a great musician. I'm a great song writer, taking inspiration from my life on the streets and the people i put around myself. I'm the manager for the band, and we have already played a show at the gothic. Given it was a battle of the bands, but it still was no easy task. THE FIRST THING(S) PEOPLE USUALLY NOTICE ABOUT ME Most people will notice my hair first. Simply because its the tallest mo-hawk in town. I'm proud of it. There is a depressing reason to why i have my mo-hawk though. However i have no problem sharing that with people. So if you would like to know simply ask me. MY FAVORITE BOOKS, MOVIES, MUSIC, AND FOOD Books: Bestial, Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, Dresden Files, Neverwhere, Monster Nation(Prequel), Monster Island(First in the series), Monster Planet(Sequel), Empire, World War Z, Ink Heart, Ink Spell, Ink Death, Thief Lord, Punk Encyclopedia(Great book, basically goes into all the known punk bands and describes their history and how they got started. With the exception of a few of the bands not being punk.) Please Kill Me, Aspo Fields(A gears of war book.) Music:Punk, ska, reggae, gypsy influenced, irish influenced, scottish influenced, and psychobilly. Punk Bands: Lower Class Brats, Emergency, The Living End, The Vandals, Descendants, Discharge, The Misfits, Bad Brains, Germs, The Clash, Lars Frederiksen and The Bastards, Krum Bums, The God Awfuls, Clit 45, U.S Bombs, Frontside Five, Stars and Stripes, The Casualties, Tripp Underwood, The Briggs, Goldblade, The Briefs, D.O.A, Cropknox, Damage Case, Virus, 7 seconds, The Donnas, Go Betty Go, Tsunami Bomb, Suicidal Tendencies, The Business, Roger Miret and The Disasters, Social Distortion, NOFX, Madcap, Crass, Cheap Sex, Black Flag, Bad Religion, Street Dogs, The Bouncing Souls, Dead Kennedys, The Sonics, The Stooges, Iggy Pop, G.B.H, The Dropkick Murphys, Sub(old stuff), The Last Hope, Total Chaos, Cockney Rejects, The Circle Jerks, Agnostic Front, The Adolescents, Rancid, Leftover Crack, The Unseen, Oxymoron Minor Threat, Gogol Bordello(gypsy punk). Odds are there are more i didn't list. Ska: Mad Caddies, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Five Iron Frenzy, Fishbone, Mu330, Authority Zero, Catch 22, Upstanding Youth, General Rudie, Planet Smashers, Big D & The Kids Table, The Slackers, Voodoo Glow Skulls, The Toasters, Skankin' Pickle, Streetlight Manifesto, Operation Ivy. Psychobilly: Zombie Ghost Train, The Paladins, Sick City Daggers, The Cramps, Spinballs, 7 Shot Screamers, Reverend Horton Heat, Tiger Army, Batmobile, Devils Brigade, The Amazing Royal Crowns, The Krewmen, The Lazy Cowgirls, Demented Are Go!, Klingonz, Los Gatos Locos(Translated as The Crazy Cats), Mad Sin, Koffin Kats, The Meteors, Horrorpops, Stray Cats, Nekromantix, Corpse Show Creeps, Electric Frankenstein. THE SIX THINGS I COULD NEVER DO WITHOUT Music, thats the only thing i can never be with out. I've had literally nothing in my life before, nothing but the clothing i had on. So i can get by fairly well on the bare minimum. I SPEND A LOT OF TIME THINKING ABOUT Where life is going, how easily it can end, how we came to be. Mostly philosophical stuff. I love political theories as well. I do spend a lot of time thinking up new lyrics however. THE MOST PRIVATE THING I’M WILLING TO ADMIT HERE I have no secrets, they only lead to regret. so if you want to know anything about me at all let me know. I'll let you into the darkness of my past, so you can better understand the light of my future and how i view the world. YOU SHOULD MESSAGE ME IF If your devoted to music, and are trustworthy. I'm sick of being betrayed by those closest to me. But it is unavoidable at times.
How Tall Are You With and Without the Mohawk:
5' 7 without the hawk. 6' 10 with hawk.
How did you find
Believe it or not, this site was up when i sat down at the computer in the library.

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Street Rat's Blog

Reality. Chapter One and Intro


Everything in this was inspired by real people, real events. Not all of it is real. All names(with few exceptions due to permission given by them) and locations have been changed for the safety of these people. I owe them a great debt, and thank them for their co-operation. Some people may ask if any of this happened to me. If any of this I experienced myself. Some people may ask which character in this I am. To them I have only this to say. I’ll let you decide that on your… Continue

Posted on April 5, 2009 at 3:20am — 1 Comment

Punk Article

Punk. What defines punk? Well we could go by the literal definition,

meaning we are all homosexual cats, or even bark on a tree. That makes no

sense to me. Now we could also argue that it is simply music, a style of

playing instruments and singing. I choose none of the above. I instead

choose it as a sub-culture. It is a culture that appealed to the unhappy people

in society. The people who in society hated the norm, and the people that

didn't like everything that… Continue

Posted on March 25, 2009 at 12:15am — 4 Comments

Just a fun night on the twon.

Alright here we go. Once again this is a cali. Anyways i was hanging out with the nazi(inside thing), and anthony. Cause well hes the only one with wheels. So anyways, he has a el camino, so keep that in mind. So were drinking and driving around, we ended up at the mall. Well we got in the flatbed, with he cover on, and blasted music as soon as someone came by, then urned it off when they were gone, hell of a lot of confused people i tell ya. So we got bored of that and start driving some more,… Continue

Posted on May 6, 2008 at 9:21pm — 2 Comments

The story of me being duct taped to a ceiling.

Alright so this was when i was located in cali. I wanna say roughly 10 months ago. Anyways i was hanging with my usual group people. We did some drinking. Went to a party that ended up being totally lame. So we took off after jacking all their duct tape and booze. So we head to my pal Anthony's house. Were drinking some more stuff. Then my pals hands me some tequila and vodka, i can drink both no problem, but i can't drink them mixed together. But they tell em to chug both. So i consider it.… Continue

Posted on April 27, 2008 at 1:12am — 5 Comments

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At 10:17am on May 11, 2011, William Acid Christ gave Street Rat a gift
I found your profile through the story you posted in 2009 about how you got jumped. great story
At 7:46pm on February 4, 2011, Lee Rose said…
aurora....missouri? i saw mention of colorado but i didn't know if that was it either...
At 8:50pm on August 19, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
Totally not into shit like Rancid, Anti Flag, Nofx. Shit that supposed to define us as a people, that not only sucks but has to say "this is punk rock'' and the world buys it.
Sooner or later, we oughtta smoke a blunt together.
At 8:48pm on August 19, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
hell yeah! Its all cool. What kinds of punk do you like most? I like Hardcore, streetpunk mostly.
At 8:07pm on August 10, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
Hey whats up dude? Haven't been on in forever eh
At 4:23pm on April 14, 2010, Toker said…
dude that will fuckn rock man
At 12:03pm on April 8, 2010, Toker said…
dude u should get STREET RAT inked down back of ya arms man
At 12:01pm on April 8, 2010, Toker said…
Dude whats sup man!!!
At 11:24pm on January 19, 2010, NatATTACK! said…
well isnt that super nice of you!
and a great idea i tried it once but with help of others its much better!
thank you!
At 3:12pm on January 14, 2010, ┌x┐ • •┌x┐Pots Pots Pots said…
I love you man!!!!!!! HA fuc. -----XD

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