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opinions on fauxhawks?

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i saw an asian guy with a crooked faux hawk, it was on the left or something.. Made me proud to have a real mohawk, short now though.. waiting
haha i see that all the time,but not just asians.
its becoming a fad.
why did you have to cut yours short?
a fauxhawk is a waste of time there gay
well actually I just got my mohawk about a month ago, and its only about 2 inches so far... I'm waiting for it to grow... I do wish I cut the mohawk when summer started.. too bad.
and technically what is a faux hawk?

I don't know how to shave my hair all off, so its left as a #1 or #0 cut on the sides.
if you want your hair all off just use a shaving razor and some shaving gel/cream. That's what I do. A facial razor works wonders. Completely smooth and down to the skin. It is a really nice sensation in the winter with the cold air hitting your skin.

I have been thinking into using Nair on the sides just so I do not have to shave so often but have not looked in to it much yet.
i'm just going to say, nair smells sooo bad, and that would be a good idea if you could handle to smell and make sure you don't get your hawk. but watch your eyes with that shit!!
dude i sliced my head using a facial razor, it sucked
At CVS they have a curved head shaver. no joke. so amazing.
i use face razors, but i use hair conditioner instead of shaving cream, because i used shaving cream once and got a bad razor burn, i never get it when i use conditioner
somebody who has a full head of hair and they just gel up the middle to look like a mowhawk
they ake me sick, only because of the people that usually wear them


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