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So...just like the great Clash said "I'm so bored with the USA", I have been intrigued to move to England for some time. Anyone here know of what I'd need to do to move over to England, or any British girls want to marry me as a way of smuggling me over? lol

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i wudnt worry about needing anything to come over here , we let anybody move here, hell we even give them a house and money, whether they can speak the language or not.
Fuck off! Have you seen how tough the immigration controls are if you're not white and/or from Europe? It's fucking insane. Racism is what it is, good old-fashioned ain't-no-black-in-the-union-jack racism.
LOL, im not rascist, i have friends who are black, asian, polish etc but u gotta admit there are a shit loads of people over here who offer the country fuck all. I have no problem with people immigrating here but i always wonder why they move from shit hole countrys, come over here and then make what could be a really nice country just as bad as the one they came from. thats not aimed at all foreigners in britain but compared to other 'desirable' countrys like the states and australia our immigration laws are pretty poor.
i think that each nation should share the burden of their neighboring nations. for example, in the usa we try really hard to keep mexicans from entering our country because the majority of them dont have any desirable skills or ideas and could be bad for the USA as a whole. however, as people we should be helping those less fortunate. let them in! they need it more than we do! besides, the usa is partially responsible for mexicos shit economy. unfortunaely, politics dont work that way. it sux, but thats just how it is. its not racism. it's just keeping an eye out to the future.
Move to Canada.
or australia
hell yes to australia
fuck canada
seroiusly, England is not all cracked up as it seems to be, it seems glamourous in the media but it's horrible, as for coming over here, you'd need a clean criminal record at best for acception and a permanent visa, don't go for the immigrant option. all else fails pretend youre Polish and that your a builder.
i got called rascist for commemnts like these! : )
yeah but ur fat


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