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alright me and a few freinds are having a huge situation about the different ways to wear your hawk. some say that its not right to have a hawk and never put it up and then some say its fine to always leave it down ( like me, i never put it up). so i want everyones input on this. Also whats everyones favorite style, i mean like liberty spikes,fanned,down,messy,pulled back, french braid, ect.

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fanned and liberty spikes and when im lazy down haha
im lazy almost always
i tie it back in a ponytail straight down the back of my head so its like a really short hawk with a ponytail

your hair, your choice. If they're not the ones rocking the hawk and theyre giving you shit for wearing your hair as you please, tell them to fuck off and get new friends :) Also, I only fan it.
I think that its terrible if you NEVER EVER put it up. My friend has one (I don't even really consider it to be a mohawk anymore) and since last year Ive seen it up twice (and it was in very poor condition). And I see him EVERY DAY. Ive offered several times to help and provide products and all sorts of stuff, but its just sheer laziness. I feel like he's being really disrespectful of the style.. its different if you don't feel well or need to give it a break for a few days, but I feel it kinda mocks the people who spend time to make their mohawks look the best the can possible get it up... Why have it in the first place if you don't want to embrace it?

I prolly wear mine down 2 days out of the week just to let it rest. If I'm in a public place and don't have it up (a vary rare happening) I wear a hat. My favorite style is a fan (mines isnt long enough to liberty spike it) with clean shaved sides, fully up- no chelsea or anything fancy. =]

It isnt all bad that he's done this because its makes me get out of bed 10 mins earlier to put it up more often, where I'd prolly be kinda lazy and not do it quite as much. I suppose its not all bad, but mostly.
its been so long since ive been on this site i forgot i started this discussion. twards the end of haveing my last hawk i had begun to keep it up at all times usually liberty spikes. but for the most part i actually always left it down. i have a very intense high pace lifestyle so i didnt always have the time. unfortunatly i had to let it grow completely our and dont have it anymore. well kinda but the back was cut off so its kinda half assed lol
I like wearing mine up and down, but im trying different styles. I did a chelsie hawk the other day. when i wear it down I look like hitler. and I do not like hitler. But i still like it down, mainly out of lazyness.
basically thats the same look as the chelsea, but with a little less hair... especially if the hair is long.
FUCK DOWN HAIR. I like to have it up for days at a time cuz I'm lazy. I'll fan it for a couple days then spike tha shit out of it with the accumulated goopyness. Maybe two or three times a month I shampoo and massage that shit with carrot oil or some shit.
I usually do a 270 fan because I like it a lot better then the traditional fan (not to mention it is easier to put up). I do spikes when I'm feeling lazy, and when I'm bored lazy I just let it do what it wants/put it in a topknot. I like to curl it when I leave it down, if I have time. I think it looks really good curled.


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