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Anyone here with scarifications? (Not to be confused with standard self mutilation.)
I have eight so far, which I've done myself.


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Couldn't imagine doing this to myself, the end product is real nice and everything it's just uhg! Lol I hate blood I hate pain and I can't stand inflicting pain upon myself. Also I just have no interest in scaring myself >_> I get it enough without trying :)

Anyway, I like the birdy.
its just pain but then again i kinda like pain but this stuff dosest really hurt tho well not the 1st time u do it but if u start going over the cut when its starting to heal or when is is already a scar it hurts a hell lot more 1 bc its get sore and puffs up a bit when it heals and 2 bc u have 2 press a lot harder to cut through scar tissues so just hope u get it right the 1st time
hmm, I've carved all sorts of shit into myself but my body doesn't scar at all so it never lasts
it doesnt scar?
it can also make i a thicker scar
nice i tried that too but the fact is that my face skin heals too much so my clockwork eyebrow doesnt appear anymore anyways why the rig???
wow the bird and syringe/needle looks mad :D
ever thought about branding?
I have a star on my ankle, I had my exgf's name in my leg, but I carved that bitch out and that's about it.
Nice work doll ;-)


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